The Battle Brothers Wiki has the chat function enabled for the users of this wiki to talk with other players about the game and other topics in general. We ask that you please be respectful of all the rules and guidelines listed on this page. We want chat to be a thing everyone can enjoy!

  • Do not seriously threaten, harass, insult, or otherwise make another user feel uncomfortable in chat.
    (If you are a sarcastic guy, make sure you are understood as one.)
  • Do not seriously use racial, homophobic or other derogatory words/statements.
    (If you are a sarcastic guy, make sure you are understood as one.)
  • Do not link to photos, videos, or websites that are adult in nature.
    (We aren't a porn wiki, after all.)
  • Do not spam or advertise paid services in the chat room.
  • Please respect other users as you would like to be respected.

Failure to follow these guidelines maybe will result in either a warning, kick, or ban from chat depending on the severity of the infraction and the history of the user. Punishments are dealt with accordingly by an available chat mod or administrator and can range anywhere from a few hours to infinite. Requests to delete a chat ban must be made on the talk page/message wall of the user who banned you.

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