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Battle Brothers Announcement Trailer

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Welcome to the Battle Brothers Wikia
This Wikia is a fanmade wiki and therefore needs fans of the game to stay alive. In particular, I'm talking to you! Do you know and play the game? Yes? Then you can help us!

  • You don't really know how to help this wiki?
  • It's quite simple. You can check out our To-do List. There we keep track of some things in particular that need to be done or if you see something on the wiki where you can add your knowledge, can correct something, etc. you are welcome to do so by clicking the "Contribute" or "Edit" button shown on every page.
  • You can have a short introduction/help on how to edit on pages here.
  • You have information about the game that isn't displayed on the wikia yet? And you don't see a page with a topic where this information could belong to?
  • Then feel free to add a page.

  • You are also welcome to sign up or, if you already have an account, log in. This makes it easier for you to follow your work, communicate with other members and organize your plans together with others.

Have a nice stay!

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Use common sense.

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