Beasts are enemies that are categorized as part of the beast faction, but usually act highly independent on their own, maybe even going far enough to battle each other.

Direwolves Edit

Direwolves are a type of enemy in Battle Brothers. They are fast and dangerous, as they will quickly charge, flank, and overwhelm a target in numbers. They have a chance to drop Unusually Large Wolf Pelts. Can attack 3 times if they don't move.

There are two types of Direwolves: simple ones and Frenzied Direwolves, which feature is "Overwhelm" perk. Also they are slightly different in animation (easily recognized by the name).

Direwolf Edit

Direwolf 01 orientation Direwolf
  • Fast movement (Able to move 6 tiles/turn on the flat, or move 5 tiles and still be able to attack once) and will easily close the gap in turn 1.
  • High initiative
  • 3 attacks per turn (if they don't move)
  • Decent HP (roughly 125)
  • Respectable base melee defense bonus (+10)
  • Respectable base ranged defense bonus (+10)
  • Decent melee skill (about 60)
  • Direwolves have the Berserk perk, and as such may make a fourth attack if they get a kill.
  • Frenzied Direwolves have "Overwhelm" perk.
  • Only thin hide "armor" and thin hide "helmet" (40 armor for each)
  • Low morale
  • Will charge into spear wall
  • Only one simple kind of attack and no archers
  • Spear wall
  • Use shield and terrain to make you hard to hit
  • Use sword and riposte skill to return more missed blows than you could otherwise deal yourself. Terrain advantage will give to-hit bonus for riposte
  • Once in melee, concentrate on one opponent until his death causes others to break, then hit with free attacks when routing from melee
  • Stunning a Direwolf equates to 3 attacks that you won't have to take next turn.


Nachzehrers Edit

Nachzehrer are a type of enemy in Battle Brothers. They count as beasts, but as they feast on corpses, they are often seen in company with the Undead or Ancient Dead.

The peasantry tells stories of men and women coming back to life after the sin of committing suicide as horribly shaped monstrosities, turned into a Nachzehrer. They’re said to resemble grey-skinned devils that dig up graves with their claws and devour fresh corpses, even devour parts of themselves and their funeral shrouds, and to grow in strength as they do so until they inevitably prey on the living. Others may claim that they are but wild beasts, merely scavengers drawn to fresh graves like seagulls to fishing nets. Whatever their true nature, they bring misery and disease upon any village they bedevil.

The creature known as Nachzehrer can grow up to two times as it gorges itself on a corpse, and it’s not shy of cannibalizing its own kind. Each time it does so, it increases in size and strength significantly. At its largest, when it’s become a hulking behemoth of grey flesh, it gains the ability to swallow a man whole. Anyone devoured like this isn’t dead, but in the belly of the beast and removed from the map. Slaying the Nachzehrer will free that character again, albeit covered in goo, but retreating while a character is devoured in this way will spell certain death for him.

A Nachzehrer has long claws that they use to dig through the earth in search of food, and which can tear grievous wounds in combat. The larger the Nachzehrer, the more dangerous the claws become. On the bright side, a Nachzehrer doesn’t have any armor, which favors swords and cleavers, and it gets easier to hit with ranged weapons, the larger and less nimble it becomes.

Nachzehrer Edit

Ghoul 01 orientation Nachzehrer
  • Can eat dead bodies, including fallen Nachzehrers to boost size, stats and morale.
  • Regular Nachzehrers have about 80hps, about 60 melee skill, decent base melee defense (+10) and high base ranged defense (+15).
  • Large Nachzehrers have about 200hps, about 70 melee skill, high base melee defense (+15) but only decent based ranged defense (+10).
  • Giant Nachzehrers have about 380hps, has a Devour attack that automatically hits and swallows the target, and even higher base melee defense (+20).
  • Has 0 armor, so all damage affects hitpoints.
  • Easy to kill at their first stages.
  • Attracted to dead bodies. Killing a nachzehrer and spearwall around the body can result in additional kills.
  • Low morale.
  • Can only move one tile and devour in the same turn. And often deny each other by jumping on corpses that another closer nachzehrer could have eaten in the same turn.
  • Protect dead bodies, so they can not feast and become confident and stronger. Only kill a Nachzehrer if you have means of preventing others from consuming its dead body; otherwise let them stay alive. Feasting requires AP. They can move 1 tile and still feast, but not 2.
  • They're dumb, often charging into spear walls.
  • When using ranged weapons against them in the initial charge, try to spread the damage out, don't take a shot with a weapon powerful enough to kill with a headshot. As it'll die somewhere you can't prevent others from eating it.
  • Be careful using dogs as you cannot control them, they can run off, die and get eaten them.
  • Likewise be careful with spear walls, as it can create a body that another will then eat(provided it dodges the spearwall)

Nachzehrer concept drawings Nachzehrer devours a brother

Lindwurms Edit

Lindwurms are a type of enemy in Battle Brothers. They are very dangerous two-tiles beasts. Tiles are always adjacent. The upper body and the tail share the same health and armour but attack differently :

  • tail have an area of effect of three tiles, like great swords.
  • head have a two tiles range attack, like polearms.

When harmed in melee (directly to HP), its blood spurts on the damage dealer and corrode both his body and head armour at the rate of 10% of his armour each turn for three turns (the effect doesn't stack, but each time you deal damage to HP, the timer resets to three turns). They have a high chance to drop Lindwurm's Hoard and Acid Flask.

Lindwurm Edit

Lindwurm orientation Lindwurm
  • Acidic blood (effecs are written above).
  • Lots of armor and health points.
  • High morale.
  • Immune to Stun, Knockback and being hooked.
  • Has a skill to make their target "Staggered" (lowers initiative by half for three turns) and a skill "Knock Back".
  • Mostly outnumbered when encountered.
  • Low Melee and Ranged Defense.
  • Bowmen, crossbowmen, and two-tiles fighters can easily damage armor and health without suffering the acidic blood effect.
  • Be careful to have light armoured brother out of range of the upper-body attack. If not, they can be one-shot by the two-tiles attack.
  • Cleavers are effective against them in melee because of blood loss, especially in big numbers (direct damage to HP without suffering the acidic blood effect).