• Vilain Joueur

    What was initially a renaming of the Unique Items page became a complete rework of everything related to it. This blog post will detail the various changes and the reasons behind them. Sometimes, I will also explain why I didn't make changes that could have been made. The changes themselves are for most of them ready to be implemented but I wanted to write this first as a sort of reference that could be linked to when editing. It could also be used by other users to contest my decisions or change things in the future.

    I decided to rename several pages including the Unique Items page to fit, in short, the official naming. A more detailed explanation about that can be found there. Since 'unique' became 'named' all named items pages containing…

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  • Vilain Joueur

    I just finished adding all relevant Steam news on the News_and_Dev_Blogs, task which was very exhausting. So I will add what's on the official website later. I had to remove all images. First, because they can't be pasted and need to be uploaded before being inserted (which would take hours to do for that amount of data). Second, because the page would be way too big and too long to load.

    I hope this will be useful in the future for research purpose. It will help tremendously in quickly finding what's been done with the game and when.

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  • Vilain Joueur

    Personal To-do List

    August 30, 2018 by Vilain Joueur

    A few things I want to do:

    • Keep working on Collaborative_Game_Guide
    • Make a list of all uploaded icons and their names to make it easier to use them in articles
    • Make a list of all developer posts with dates and links (partially completed, will not update for a while)
    • Add information on Backgrounds location (in progress)
    • Create individual pages for events
    • Explain this
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  • Drathnar

    First off, Happy New Year everyone! :)

    Been involved with the wiki for a while (most of my old contributions were in build 0.6) and there have been many changes since then to nearly every aspect of BB (new monsters were added (Lindwurm, Ancient Priest, Ancient Honor Guard, etc), perks were overhauled, ranged mechanics were changed, selling prices were modified, settlement statuses were added, Mood was added, Ambitions was added, Late Game Crises was added, XP for every mob was tweaked, etc). And those are just the ones I know of. Without a manual, it's been quite a challenge to track changes and present the most accurate picture of things. Hidden mechanic modifiers (ie diminishing returns on defense) further complicate the picture.

    As such, …

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  • Cottandy

    This Wiki is awesome!

    I highly recommend everyone who loves "Battle Brothers" to contribute here!

    It's fun, great teamwork and not only useful to everyone else, but also for you, even if you're a very experinced player. It helps to understand the game better and you always find something new and interesting here.

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  • Todeos


    November 5, 2017 by Todeos

    Test : feeling amazing working on this wiki ;)

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  • Deathpact

    About Blog posts

    August 17, 2017 by Deathpact

    Hello, i wonder what blog posts are meant for ? Is it kind of like a forum to talk amongst ourselves ?

    Or is it only for the organisers of the wiki to broadcast to everyone ?

    Where can we discuss beetween ourselves in a forum way ?


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  • Zensalin

    The Battle Brothers Wiki is looking for all kinds of Brothers and Sisters!

    Everyone can help and everyone's help is appreciated! Your knowledge makes the difference!

    I need you to help out on here so all players of Battle Brothers do have a place to go to when wanting quick information about the game and everything in and around it without having to search through loads of discussions or wait for answers in a thread about a topic that has already been created for the millionth time on either of all the forums and thus maybe even get deleted in the end.

    Help on whatever page you want, create a new one and/or take a look at the To-do list, if you want more specific info on what needs to be done on the wiki!

    The wiki forums are perfect to state desig…

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  • Sarissofoi
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  • Zensalin

    A warm welcome you all. Let me give you a short introduction:
    As you all know; this wiki is a fanmade wiki and not an official one. As a result, the only way how information gets here, is that fans add their knowledge. Fans of the game, fans like you and me.

    Everyone is welcome to add his knowledge!
    This wikia already reaches around 600 views a day (as of 1. May 2016)! And that is wonderful!

    It means, that the wikia is getting more and more popular. New and also veteran players come here to read about the battle tactics of enemies, something else they want know more about or discover something here they didn't even know existed at all.
    ]] For example: I'm sure that not everyone knew that there exists a Direwolf Hide Armor. Maybe because you pl…

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