Description: Edit

Small and heavy iron balls with metal spikes to be hurled at a target.

Tips Edit

  • can be carried alongside shields
  • bonus accuracy on close range

Where it can be found: Edit

  • It is dropped by Goblin Skirmishers

Stats: Edit

Worth 150 gold.

Damage of 20 - 35.

30% of damage ignores armor.

70% effective against armor.

Range of 4 tiles.

Maximum fatigue -3.

Contains ammo for 3 uses.

Notes: Edit

Dropped by Goblin Skirmishers. Skirmishers will often stay just far enough away from a character to throw these before they go into hand to hand combat. If your team has a much higher advantage, they will wait at their spawn and throw these when you are close enough to be hit by them.

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