Backgrounds Edit

Each new recruit to your mercenary company has his own background story, and often these backgrounds will affect his stats and the availability and (possible) outcomes of events.

At the start of the game, your initial 3 brothers will have the special companion trait, granting them a bonus of Resolve and Melee Skill or Ranged Skill.

Your mercenaries aren't noble adventurers fighting for truth or justice, they are in it for the money. A company without money and supplies will quickly have no members left.

Every soldier gets paid a daily wage of crowns, if you fail to pay them, their mood will decrease and after a while and if angered enough, they may decide to desert your company.

The wage of a mercenary is increased by 2 crowns with every level up, the wages shown in the table below are the initial wages.

Sometimes, the upkeep is 2 crowns higher than it should be. This means that this character possesses the character trait "Greedy".

Some recruits with military backgrounds may already have a few levels under their belt. If you hire a brother who already has one or more levels, you can distribute his perk points and stat roll level ups after you hired him as you do with a normal mercenary.
If a brother already has some levels can be seen via this icon:Level and the number next to it in the hiring screen of a settlement (With the number next to the icon describing the level/levels he already has).

When you hire a new brother, he also will randomly have a series of stars next to some of his Attributes:
1 Star Talent
2 Star Talent
3 Star Talent
These denote the brother's talents. What these talents are, is explained here.

*As of Dev Blog #49, there are no fixed sets of stats for each background so the following table with the +/- values is for reference purposes only. Click here to read the full dev blog:

For a more detailed list of events associated with one or more specific Background(s), look here.

Background Stats Initial Upkeep Hints
Adventurous Noble
Background 06

+10 Melee Skill
+5 Melee Defence
+15 Resolve
-10 Ranged Defence

26 Events:

- Will compete in tournaments.

- May fight with a low born brother.

Background 40
+10% Experience gain 9 Events:

- Can learn from a Retired Soldier.

Background 53
Can not be hired like most other backgrounds.

Can be gained through an event if you have a bastard in your company.

Background 37
+10 Melee Skill 15 Events:

- May compete in tournaments.

Background 18
-10 Hitpoints
-10 max. Fatigue
-5 Resolve
4 Events:

- May beg for 5 Crowns

Background 29
+5 Ranged Skill 8 Events:

- May try to craft a Masterwork Bow if at least Level 6.


- 1 Quality Wood and 200 Crowns = 1 Masterwork Bow (per event). Possibility of creating a bad Wonky Bow instead. Maybe only able to create one Masterwork Bow no matter how many Bowyers in party - please check).

Background 27
+5 Melee Skill
+5 Max. Fatigue
+5 Resolve
+100% Damage when unarmed
11 Events:

- May want to fight with a "weak" brother. Depending on your choice, can help them out with Max. Fatigue, HP or Melee Skill for the "weak" brother.

- May start harassing villagers (possible bad morale depending on what option you choose)

Background 43
+5 Melee Skill
+5 Resolve
8 Events:

- Can slaughter war dogs to provide provisions

Caravan Hand
Background 12
+5 max. Fatigue 9 Events :

- If high level, may make your storage bigger

+5 Resolve and +5 Melee Skill or +5 Ranged Skill 11 Events :

- If high level, may train new low level recruits for a stat bonus of your choice.

Background 34
+10 Resolve 4 Events:

- May try to convert a brother.

- May take part in a series of dark rituals. One bestows a very powerful legendary helm that regenerates durability: the Glimpse of Davkul. Another grants the similarly powerful Aspect of Davkul armor after sacrificing your best warrior.

Background 51
-10 Hitpoints,
-10 Initiative (?)

Doesn't mind being in reserve.

Can cheer a brother that has received a permanent injury.

Background 54
Can not be hired like most other backgrounds.

Is gained through an event(?) connected to one of the undead scourge late game crises(?)

Will leave the company once the undead crises is over.

Background 36
±0 (?) 7
Background 07
+5 Melee Skill
+5 Ranged Skill
-15 Resolve
Disowned Noble
Background 08
+10 Melee Skill
-5 max. Fatigue
21 Events :

- Will think about home, talking to the player can give +3 Resolve.

Background 52
±0 (?) 7 Events :

- May become a brothel sensation resulting in positive mood boost.

Background 09
+10 Hitpoints
+10 max. Fatigue
9 Events :

- May start a contest with Fisherman recruits, whoever wins gets a new title and bonus Resolve.

- Can gain melee skill by (partially) remembering how to bale hay.

Background 15
+5 Max. Fatigue (?) 8 Events:

- May find provisions (fish) near rivers.

- May start a contest with Farmhand recruits, whoever wins gets a new title and bonus Resolve.

Background 26
+10 max. Fatigue
-10 Hitpoints
+10 Resolve
6 Events:

- May start an event where he wounds himself and disheartens fellow brothers.

- May talk to a monk in the band who can stop him flogging himself.

- May start an event where he gains +10 Hitpoints.

Background 20
+10 Initiative
+5 Ranged Defence
-5 max. Fatigue
7 Events:

- May proc a game of rolling dice.

Background 28
+5 max. Fatigue
+5 Resolve
6 Events:

- May start an event for the burial of any dead brothers from the previous battle.

Background 25
+5 Resolve 7 Events :

- May find a T1 or T2 weapon while on the road.

- May trigger an event where one of the noble Houses representatives want to arrest him.

- May trigger an event during a Gravediggers event in which they wish to take something from a fallen brother.

Hedge Knight
Background 33
+10 Melee Skill
+5 Melee Defence
+5 Resolve
+10 Hitpoints
+10 Max. Fatigue
41 Events:

- May compete in tournaments.

- May train company (choose between melee, ranged or carrying armor).

- May start a fight with another Hedge Knight in the company.

- Positive mood event with Raiders

Notable initial equipment:

- Greatsword, Greataxe or similar.

Background 47
+15% Experience gain 8 Events:

- Records adventure.

- Can decipher the old map bought from a wandering merchant event. Leads to hidden Old Ruins where you will earn a top tier artifact after a hard battle.

- Can possibly remove Dumb trait from a Brother. Maybe possibility of negative outcome.

Background 50
+5 Resolve (?) 7 Wardogs unleashed by this character will start at confident morale.


-Can find a wolf if high leveled.

Background 22
+10 Ranged Skill
+5 Resolve
16 Starts with Hunting Bow.


- May trigger event in walking in forest resulting in positive mood/

Background 14
+10 Initiative
+5% chance to hit the head
-5 Hitpoints
Killer on the run
Background 02
+10% chance to hit the head
-5 Resolve
7 Events:

- May try to kill a brother.

- May be wanted and attract the attention of a guard patrol coming for his bounty.

Background 04
+10 Hitpoints
+10 max. Fatigue
Background 17
+5% Experience gain 9 Events:

- Story with Thief for positive mood boost.

Background 46
+10 Max. Fatigue 7 Events:

- Two messengers in your roster will eventually lead them to share stories and enjoy a "good spirit" buff.

Background 35
+5 Melee Skill 9
Background 05
+5 Max. Fatigue 8
Background 45
+10 Hitpoints
-20 Max. Fatigue
Background 42
+5 Resolve
-10 max. Fatigue
7 Events:

- Writes song.

- Additional option with the Circus event for positive mood boost.

Background 13
+10 Resolve
-5 Melee Skill
-10 Max. Faituge
6 Events:

- May try to convert a brother.

- May talk to flagellant to prevent future self-flogging events.

- May calm down another recruit creating troubles while in town.

- May be able to remove Dumb trait from a brother. May have a possible negative outcome.

Orc Slayer
Background 55
36 Can not be hired like most other backgrounds.

Is gained through an event connected to the greenskin invasion late game crises.
Will leave the company once the crises is over.

Background 19
+5 Ranged Defence
-10 Melee Skill
7 Events :

- May ask you for coins to invest on an opportunity. Either turns a profit or lose everything.

Background 56
? Possible recruit from a random settlement event.
Background 21
+5 Ranged Skill 8 Events :

- May find food while walking in forests.

- Will compete with other Poachers for 30 ammo, +1 Ranged skill for both.

Background 49
+10 Melee Skill 31 Events :

- May be wanted and attract the attention of a guard patrol coming for his bounty.

- May proc a game of rolling dice.

- Positive mood event with Hedge Knights

- May start a fight with a Sellsword brother

Background 41
+15 Initiative
-5 Hitpoints
5 Events:

- May craft a throwing net.

- May lose provisions and sicken brothers.

- Will butcher rats for emergency provisions and sicken brothers.

Background 38
+5 Max. Fatigue
-5 Hitpoints
-5 Resolve
Retired Soldier
Background 24
+10 Resolve
+10 Melee Skill
+5 Melee Defence
+? Ranged Defence
-10 Hitpoints
-10 Max. Fatigue
16 Events:

- May train a brother with Apprentice background (+4 Melee Skill, +7 Resolve)

- Will eventually get old. (Trait)

- Can tell war stories raising mood of everyone in company.

Background 10
+10 Melee Skill
+10 Ranged Skill
+5 Melee Defence
+5 Ranged Defence
+5 Resolve
41 Events:

- May ask for higher pay, if company is wealthy.

- May challenge a brother into archery contest (-Ammunition, +Archery Skill or +Resolve).

- May challenge a brother as target for archery contest (+Archery Skill for Sellsword, +Resolve for Brother).

- May start a fight with a Raider.

Background 16
-5 Resolve (?),
-5 Hitpoints (?),
-5 Max. Fatigue (?)
Background 44
-5 Melee Skill 5
Background 03
+10 Resolve
+5 Melee Skill
+5 Ranged Skill
Background 30
+20 Melee Skill
+20 Melee Defence
+10 Resolve
-10 Hitpoints
-10 max. Fatigue
-10 Initiative
51 Events:

- Will train one of your men (+5 Melee Defence).

- Will eventually get old. (Trait)

Background 48
±0 (?) 6 Events:

- May craft a Direwolf Hide Armor.


- 2 Unusually Large Wolf Pelt = 1 Direwolf Hide Armor (per event).

Background 11
+10 Initiative,
+5 Melee Defence (?),
+5 Ranged Defence (?)
11 Events :

- May be wanted and attract the attention of a guard patrol coming for his bounty.

-Can steal the old map from a wandering merchant event instead of buying it (decipher by the historian, leading to a hidden old ruin)

- Story with Mason for positive mood boost.

Background 32
+10 Max. Fatigue 7 Events:

- May proc a game of rolling dice.

Background 31
+10 Resolve
+10 Hitpoints
+20 Max. Fatigue
-15% Experience gain

-5 Ranged Defence

-5 Melee Defence

11 Events:

- Goes wild in town (Pay 500 or suffer consequences).

- May find provisions while the company is out in the woods.

- May offer mushrooms or herbs (resulting in sickness or medicinal supplies).

Provision List:

- Woodman's Axe;

- Jagged Fangs.

Background 23
+5 Ranged Skill
+10 Resolve
+20 Resolve at morale checks against fear, panic or mind-control effects.
14 Comes with a fancy hat.

Events :

- Can give more informations about a witch burning event.

- Can make a poison antidote from 1 Jagged Fang (per event).

Attribute ranges Edit

This spreadsheet lists, among others, the current minimum and maximum attribute ranges of almost all backgrounds:


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