Contracts are missions that can be accepted in Settlements. You may only take on one Contract at a time. Completing a contract will reward your company with crowns, renown, and increased reputation with the settlement or the Noble house that offered the contract. However, failing to fulfill a contract lowers your company's local reputation and the company's renown.

The crowns reward increases with your company's renown. Some contracts, such as the noble houses contracts, are only available with a certain level of renown.

Gold coin
Contract targets can be identified with a golden coin on the world map


Before taking a Contract it is possible to haggle for better pay. Everyone expects a little haggling but insist on too good a price and there is a chance the contract giver will refuse your company the contract.

You can determine if they will refuse based on their answers. It's probably best not to push your luck with an angry client if you need the money.

As well as getting your crowns when you finish your mission the contract giver may decide to pay you a portion of fee in advance. This is as well as a possible bonus for each enemy head collected (price per kill).

Beware when haggling for better payment when more than one type of payment is offered. It may result in your other type of payment being slightly reduced.

Contract TypesEdit

Easy Medium
Difficulty easy
Difficulty medium
Difficulty hard

Contracts will ask for more or less the same tasks to be completed. However when, where and who you fight may vary widely.

Contract difficultly is measured with skulls. More skulls means more danger, but a better pay.

Pro Tip:

>contract type that involve destroying a location replace existing enemy forces for the new one scaled to the contract difficulty. For example coven full of Necrosvants can have them replaced by Ancient Auxiliary if the contract difficulty is low

>one or two skull contracts can overwrite unique items that can drop from location by low value trade goods

List of contractsEdit


Destroy enemy camp or lair

Peasant orientation
Greatsword orientation
Destroy an enemy camp or lair.
  • Goblins can prepare ambush that throw a higher number of them at you
  • Orcs can be fighting each other - higher numbers but hostile to each other
  • Bandits can be visited by their leader - if you kill him there is an additional reward for his head - also there is a chance for a ambush by Bounty Hunters on your way back
Armed Courier
Peasant orientation
Safely deliver cargo to a settlement.

  • Twist: The cargo can turn out to be the Cursed Crystal Skull, if the player decides to open the cargo. If he opens: The player can decide to keep or destroy the skull after a fight with Ancient Dead.
  • There is a chance to be stopped by a Mercenary Band, with option to surrender goods or fight
  • There is chance that cargo is a strange source of suspicious things and checking it can cause fight with summoned undead
  • Sometimes during the travel to destination place cargo might be stolen by bandits who left foot-marks to their lair. Track them and destroy their lair.
  • Happened once : Suspicion risen from the cargo which seems alive. If you try to check it, you discover a nobleman. A choice triggers between continuing or liberating the prisonner and escort him to a location. It will be a greater reward and sets you to friendly with the house, cold for the other one.
Escort Caravan
Peasant orientation
Protect a caravan until it safely arrives to its destination settlement.

  • Twist: precious gems can be on cargo and player have the option to steal it and fight the caravan guards
  • Twist: caravan is stopped by faction troops - player has the option to surrender or fight - if he fights, it greatly angers the faction
  • Twist: The cargo turns out to be a nobleman. Freeing him increases relationships with his house and a big monetary reward. Beware, the man can also be a liar, resulting in you gaining nothing but a negative relation hit with the settlement the caravan comes from
  • The player will lose control of movement for the duration of this mission as your company must follow the caravan
  • Only food is taken care by caravans, Player still needs to pay upkeep in coins!
  • If caravan moves through settlement player can - if he is fast enough - click on it and visit the settlement to sell loot/hire new troops
Greatsword orientation
Patrol two settlements for the noble house, then come back to the settlement where the contract was accepted.

  • You are being paid a fixed amount for every head while patrolling, up to a maximum (20-35 heads).
  • You can possibly be paid a base amount in advance or on completion, on top of the gold obtained for each head.
  • This contract has a time limit (4 - 7 days)
Secure Cemetery
Peasant orientation
The graves are open and it's your job to eliminate those who opened them, or whatever got out of them.

  • This quest may pit you against grave-robbers (Humans), the Undead residents, or Nachzehrers devouring the now dead grave-robbers.
  • If you meet grave-robbers they sometimes offer a map that leads to a site rich in treasures if you let them go free -it means failing contract but if your reputation is high enough you can still get half of payment
  • Sometimes this may be followed up by a contract to hunt down a Necromancer
Hunt down a terror plaguing a settlement
Peasant orientation
Destroy a beast party terrorizing a settlement.
  • Most of the time you face a group of Direwolves nearby - look for the marks or wait in village - they should wander into it and attack you
  • There is a chance to fight Nachzehrers or Webknechts instead of Direwolves.
  • Sometimes instead of beasts your enemies are human bandits that wear dire-wolf armours
False flag operation (Raze Location)
Greatsword orientation
Remove all peasants from part of a settlement/attached location (i.e. Amber Collector), with choices to either encircle or sweep from 1 side. Better not let any witnesses escape, as Renown gain would then be highly reduced. Wardogs may help here. There are cases where peasants retreat and escape in round 1. Bugs/hidden mechanics/peasants placed very close to map edge at start cannot be ruled out as of v1.1.0.8
Stolen object - Hunt down thieves
Peasant orientation
Follow foot-marks and hunt thieves, reclaim stolen object and return it to it owner.

  • Usually a group of bandits.
  • At higher difficulty contracts, a necromancer may fight with the bandits.
  • After obtaining the stolen property, the party can be offered a higher reward for the object by a shady man. Accepting the offer will result in the failure of the contract, as well as losing renown and reputation with the settlement.
Break Greenskin Siege
Orc 01 orientation
Follow company of soldiers and break siege of settlement by destroying nearby enemy raiding parties and siege engines.
  • Connected to the greenskin invasion late game crises.
  • Company of soldiers is dispatched at the start of the contract - they move to reinforce settlement defenses, you could take advantage of it as they engage any greenskin forces they meet on their way to besieged settlement
  • You need usually destroy 2-3 raiding parties and 2-3 siege engine camps, which mean a lot of fighting, be prepared
  • Fortunately, player can resupply in besieged city with no problem
Confront Warlord
Orc 01 orientation
Lure enemy warlord to battle and kill him, weakening forces of greenskins and breaking their unity.

  • Connected to the greenskin invasion late game crises
  • Player needs to destroy a few enemy raiding parties or camps to lure enemy warlord out
  • it can take awhile, so do not be discouraged and keep killing greenskins
  • warlord appear with strong party so be prepared for hard battle
Decisive Battle
Hedge knight orientation
Go to warcamp and follow orders of the commander. 

This contract is connected to the noble war late game crises. Once you agree to sign the contract you will become hostile to target house.

The contract consists of two preliminary missions and the decisive battle itself. Every mission starts on the next morning, so you always have some time to resupply and heal.
Following missions may be assigned to a company at a war camp before a battle:

  • Make a way to wheat fields and come back with supply. Basically just travel there and come back, but with the chance of being ambushed by peasants and mercenaries upon reaching the farm.
  • Trace a group of deserters and try to convince them to return or kill them if failed. You can try to pay them some crowns, threaten or make a speech, all of these mentioned options can lead to a peaceful result.
  • Destroy a supply caravan which moves between 2 cities of a rival house. If the mission is failed (i.e. caravan reaches a destination city) rival house will be 'very well prepared' to the battle.

Then you will have the decisive battle itself. Game will teleport you there. You will face the enemy house army but you will be backed up with allies.

Defend Settlement

Peasant orientation
Greatsword orientation
Defend a settlement against a single or multiple waves of enemies raiding their attached locations
  • Can put you against Brigands, Undead or Greenskins.
  • Up to three parties can attack the settlement.
  • Letting them plunder attached locations means that it gets destroyed and company gets only part of the pay.
  • You can use nearby patrols to fight attackers but still need to take part to the battle or it will be counted as fail (possible bug).
  • Enemy parties spawning in nearby camps belong to specific enemy faction so it can take them some time to arrive.

Escort Envoy

Greatsword orientation

An envoy has affairs to attend to in an other settlement, and needs protection.
  • An envoy will accompany the party until destination is reached, and will take part in battles.
  • If the envoy is killed during a battle, the contract will fail.
  • Once the destination is reached, the envoy will leave the party for several hours, then join back.
  • The envoy must be escorted back to the settlement where the contract was accepted.
Find Artifact
Short description
  • Note 1
  • Note 2
  • Note 3
Free Greenskin Prisoners
Orc 01 orientation
Short description
Last Stand
Short description
  • Note 1
  • Note 2
  • Note 3
Marauding Greenskins
Peasant orientation
Greatsword orientation
A party of Greenskins is terrorizing and raiding nearby settlements.
  • A group of Orcs or Goblins is patrolling around a settlement.
  • The settlement offering this contract will likely have the Marauding Greenskins status, and will lose it upon fulfilling the contract.

Obtain Artifact

Peasant orientation
Greatsword orientation
Obtain random-named artifact from ancient type of ruins.
  • You actually find artifact before confrontation begins.
  • You might fight or retreat. Both way you got the item but dropping mood if you retreat.
  • Sometimes you will be offered to pick an ancient weapon (Bladed Pike, Anicent Sword, Khopesh,Rhomphaia). If you do so there is still a chance that you can leave safely without fighting. Otherwise a fight will be triggered and you will fail to obtain the artifact. If you choose not to take the weapon, you can safely proceed to get paid.
Hedge knight orientation

You are hired to weaken the enemy faction. You need to complete following tasks and return within 5 days.

This contract is connected to the noble war late game crises. Once you agree to sign the contract you will become hostile to target house.

  • Destroy buildings near settlement such as Pig farm, Trapper etc. They will be guarded by large amount (~25) of militia members with Militia Captain or by a garrison of regular army: footmans, arbalesters, billmen (~10). Also they can be destroyed by raiders, orcs or other noble army in this case task will disapear from your list (still success?). Also can be guarded by large amounts of Peasants.
  • Destroy Stone Watchtower. Will have garrison of regular army (~18). Footmen, arbalesters, billmen. No knights or zweihanders spotted though. 
  • Destroy any caravans or patrols of enemy house. I destroyed one supply caravan and one patrol but it didnt finish the task. 
  • After 5 days you get a notification that you need to return to the lord that hired you. In my situation he said that it wasnt all what he expected but it's enough to pay the full payment.

Being in an enemy territory you may be targeted by a large group of regular army troops (~25). Notification about this appears in the form of an in-game event. However, an encounter with enemies may be avoided by maneuvering on the global map, which does not affect the result of the mission.

Raid Caravan
During noble war (late game crises), you have to intercept and destroy a caravan of supplies or weapon of another noble house in enemy territory.
Clear Undead Infested Locations
Skeleton 02 orientation
You are hired to clear two locations that have been infested by the undead.

This contract is connected to the Undead scourge late game crisis.

  • You will be given two locations to clear in the same contract. This can include an old farm house, a ruin, a cemetery, etc.
  • The locations are usually infested with the undead, rather than the ancient dead ( To confirm )
  • These fights will include Weidergangers, Armored Weidergangers, Geists and Fallen Heroes.
Hunt Lindwurms down
Skeleton 02 orientation
You need to find lindwurms that are harrassing a city/village.

Once you find them you will always see them attacking a caravan patrol (event). You will be given 2-5 caravan hands as allys and 2 carts.

  • If the carts are destoryed, then you won't get any additional awards.
  • If you manage to stop the destruction of at least one caravan cart, the supply caravan leader will be thankful and give you a location with a possible rare item in it.