Stab Puncture
Ignores armor,
-15% to hit,
No Criticals
AP Fatigue AP Fatigue
4 7 4 20

Daggers are small stabbing weapons useful as a secondary weapon for ranged focused characters (or poorly equipped bandits).

Daggers do little damage but also have no Fatigue penalty.

The Puncture skill can be useful against armored opponents as it will completely ignore armor but also has 0% chance to make a critical hit.

Surrounding a well armored opponent like a Knight or Bandit Leader and puncturing him to death is a great way to obtain high end armor for free.

If you take Dagger Mastery Perk, you will be able to attack three times in a turn either using Stab and Puncture, because they will have a reduced Action Point cost (3AP).

Name Worth Damage Ignores Armor Vs. Armor Durability
30 15-25 20% 50% 32
180 15-35 20% 60% 40
Rondel Dagger
Dagger 02
400 20-40 20% 70% 50
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