A thick leather armor skillfully crafted from the pelt of a giant wolf. Donning the skin of a beast like this means shedding human fears.

Where can it be found?Edit

Originally this could be found as loot from Bandit Leaders, but now it can also be crafted.

Recipe: Requires a Battle Brother (with profession Tailor) and two (2) unusually large wolf pelts. Multiple armors can be made throughout a campaign, although the player can not influence when the event for the crafting will trigger.

It also could be worn by bandits pretending to be direwolfs during contract "Hunt down what terrorizes a settlement".

Note from the authorEdit

This may very well be the best lightweight armor in the game at the moment. Not only does it weigh 3 units less of fatigue, it has only 15 less points of armor when compared to the lightest of mail armor; but only has 5 more Armor and 1 Less Fatigue cost compared to Leather Lamellar. The resolve special does not win any battles neccessarily, but adding a Closed Mail Coif, should keep any and all archers safe from harm in case of a stray arrow or a sneaky enemy going past your melee soldiers. If so desired this is also a decent armor for the front rank, though there is a variant made out of metal for that purpose.

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