Events by Background = Events that require one or more specific Background(s) to happen.

Events by Trait = Events that require one or more specific Trait(s) to happen.

Random Events = Events that don't require one or more specific Background(s) or Trait(s).

Unallocated Events = Events that are in the game according to the game files, but need more info on them to be put into a category of the above three.

See Category:Event to see a list of pages for Events.

Events by BackgroundEdit

These events can randomly happen on the Global map.

Event Affiliated Brother Backgrounds What happens
Aging Swordmaster Background 30 Swordmaster
A Swordmaster gains the "Old" trait which lowers his physical attributes. He isn't a fast man any longer. Time to retire and teach grandkids if you have any.
Aging Swordmaster Pay Cut Background 30 Swordmaster
Swordmaster insists on taking a paycut due to having aged. Reduction can be quite drastic (ie half of current wages). It's not related to the old trait.
Aging Swordmaster Preview Background 30 Swordmaster
He talks about wisdom and how many wisdom he has killed. He is reflecting about his old age (nothing to do with the trait) and will question his past and his present self concerning his long carrier of killing. Effect : none or chained event ?
Apprentice Learns Background 24 Retired Soldier
Background 40 Apprentice
A retired soldier trains a brother with apprentice background. (+4 melee skill, +7 resolve)
Bastard Assassin Background 37 Bastard An assassin has been hired by nobles to kill your Bastard brother, who potentially has claim to an army all his own. The assassin has changed his mind, however, and wants to leave his old life behind. You can choose to kill the assassin, tell your Bastard (he will leave and the assassin will replace him on your roster), or pay the assassin 6000 gold to keep both him and the Bastard.
Beggar Begs Background 18 Beggar
A brother with the background "Beggar" will ask you for 10 crowns, which you can give or deny him without consequence.
Bowyer Crafts Masterwork Background 29 Bowyer
A brother with the background "Bowyer" will (try) to craft a Masterwork Bow. You need to have 1 Quality Wood and 200 crowns in your inventory and the bowyer needs to (presumably) be at level 6 or higher. You may get a Wonky Bow instead, but you can keep getting the event until you successfully make a Masterwork Bow, although it is rare. Once you've made a Masterwork Bow this event will not occur any more in the same playthrough even if you have more than one Bowyer.
Brawler Teaches Background 27 Brawler
Your Brawler tells you that your new recruit is weak, and needs to be taught a lesson. You can choose to have the brawler to teach the recruit how to fight (gives a litle melee attack and defense skill), to "toughen him up" (gives a little hitpoints), or to "see how long you can keep him going" (gives a little fatigue skill).
Brawler vs Brawler Background 27 Brawler Brawler insults another brawler in party, resulting in a brawl. Brawlers may receive injuries, but boosts mood.
Butcher Gives Pointers Background 26 Flagellant
Background 43 Butcher
Butcher shows how flagellant could hurt himself even more. Flagellant gets injury and a Melee skill +2
Butcher vs Wardog Background 43 Butcher The butcher suggests to cook one of your wardogs to provide provisions.
Caravan Guard vs Raider Background 12 Caravan Hand
Background 49 Raider
Can possibly cause injures and lower the mood of the company.
Caravan Hand Cart Background 12 Caravan Hand Requires cart Ambition to be completed. This event increases inventory size from 117 slots to 126 slots
Combat Drill This event occurs when the player recruits plenty of fresh meat (the cheap non military backgrounds). Increases Melee Skill and Melee Defense for new recruits.
Cultist Takes Part In A Series Of Dark Rituals Background 34 Cultist
Random other high level brother (no specific background required)
May take part in a series of dark rituals. One bestows a very powerful legendary helm that regenerates durability: the Glimpse of Davkul. Another grants the similarly powerful Aspect of Davkul armor after sacrificing your best warrior.
Cultist vs Old Gods Background 34 Cultist
Background 13 Monk
A theological dispute that ends with the two brothers beating each other and can possibly cause injuries.
Cultist vs Uneducated Background 34 Cultist
Random other brother (no specific background required)
A Cultist converts some folk into a new cult. The original cultist gets +2 resolve if you allow this to happen.
Disowned Noble Reminisces Background 08 Disowned Noble
The disowned noble will think about home, talking to the player can give +3 Resolve.
Education Background 47 Historian
Background 13 Monk

The historian or monk wants to teach a dumb brother. Success will remove the bad trait. If he fails to teach him the teacher will get a bad mood.

Eunuch Ladies Background 52 Eunuch The eunuch becomes a brothel sensation resulting in positive mood boost.
Fainthearted Is Shellshocked Random non-military background After his first battle, a new (non-military) brother is horrified by what has just happened. You can tell him either to "suck it up" or that everyone is afraid, they just hide it better. Offering sympathy can give either +2 Resolve or the Concerned status.
Fish Caught Background 15 Fisherman
Gives you free provisions. You guessed it, it's fish.
Fisherman vs Farmer Background 15 Fisherman
Background 09 Farmhand
Fisherman and Farmer argue about who is most useful to society, which type of food is better, etc. Culminates in an arm-wrestling contest that puts both brothers in high spirits. Newfound respect and all that.
Flagellation Horrorfies Others Background 26 Flagellant
Flagellant flogs himself with a flail and causes a heavy injury.
Flagellant vs Monk Background 26 Flagellant
Background 13 Monk
Flagellant become peacefull flagellant and no longer trigger flagellaton event (also gain +2 Resolve).
Flagellants Wounds Heal Background 26 Flagellant Flagellant will get +5 hitpoints.
Gambler vs Other Background 20 Gambler
The gambler and another brother are fighting over a game of cards. Both brothers suffer an injury.
Graverobber Finds Item Background 25 Graverobber
Background 47 Historian
The graverobber robbed a grave and found an item. You obtain a weapon, a shield or a piece of armor.

If the Historian is in your company, he can identify the item as a famed piece of equipment. You obtain a unique weapon, shield or armor.

Graverobber Heist Background 25 Graverobber The graverobber enters your tent and wants to dig up a barons grave. Giving you 3 options:

  • "Uh, maybe some other time"
    • ?
  • "I'm not going to, and neither are you."
    • ?
  • "I'll go get my shovel!"
    • "We'll dig up the motley grave."
      • (Possible loot: ?)
    • "We'll break past the gothic fence."
      • (Possible loot: 410crowns)
    • "We'll break into the mausoleum."
      • (Possible loot: decayed full helm)
Graverobber vs Gravedigger Background 25 Graverobber
Background 28 Gravedigger
Can trigger during a gravedigger event. The graverobber wishes to take something from a fallen brother.
Hedge Knight vs Hedge Knight Background 33 Hedge Knight

Two Hedge Knight's can decide to fight each other.

  • You can pay them 2000 crowns to stop them.
  • Let them fight and have one of them die and the other :
    • gains 500 experience.
    • or if level 11+, gains +1 melee defense and a temporary injury.
  • Ask the other brothers to stop them, resulting in some of them being injured.
  • If you have a monk, you can have him resolve the dispute after the first injuries, gaining resolve (+2) for the monk (this event can occur multiple times. The monk will be able to help everytime, but will get the +2 bonus only the first time).
Hedge Knight vs Raider Background 33 Hedge Knight
Background 49 Raider
Both get a positive mood boost. (Needs more info)
Historian Mysterious Text
Background 47
(Needs more info)
Historian Records Adventures
Background 47
This happens quite sometime after the historian has joined your company. While you are going through maps, the historian approaches you and gives you a tome or book for you to read, not telling you what it is. Curiosity prompting, you open the book to find the historian has recorded the history of the company from hearing the tales of the men at the campfire. Such is the account that it brings tears. After reading it, you are grateful to the historian and asks him to share the book to the men. Doing so gives a good morale boost to the company.
Houndmaster Tames Wolf Background 50 Houndmaster (Needs more info)
How Far Is The Sun Background 47 Historian
Background 13 Monk
Background 34 Cultist
Background 22Hunter

Background 10 Sellsword

A brother looks at the sun and estimates how far away it is. He once heard a tale of someone hitting it with an arrow. You can either ask the historian or monk for their take. Choosing the monk will explain that the sun is the eye of a god and give a moral boost. Choosing the Historian will give a moral boost (3 people). Choosing the Cultist will explain that the sun is dying, moral boost for cultist and moral drop for someone else. Choosing the hunter or sellsword to take a shot at the sun will give a moral boost for the party (7 people).
Hunt Food Background 22Hunter A hunter will hunt in the woods you're present and kill some rabbits to feed your company. Works with poacher ? You will gain venison and a large moral boost for your hunter.
Jousting Tournament Background 33 Hedgeknight
Background 03 Squire
Background 37 Bastard
The Brother asks you if he can compete in a tournament, if you say he can, you are prompted by a noble to bet 500 crowns on whether or not your man wins or loses. Tavern rumors may help decide who wins the joust. If your Brother wins, he gains a mood boost, if he loses, he is injured with a chance of becoming upset.
Juggler Entertains Townsfolk
Background 14
Your Juggler entertains people in a town and gains a mood bonus (eager or euphoric, not sure of which one it was)
Juggler Tempts Fate
Background 14
The Juggler will ask you if he can do some juggling with knives. If you accept, some brothers will have a mood bonus (eager). I suppose it can also end with an injury. You can go further by throwing an axe on your Juggler. If he succeeds he will gain a resolve and melee skill bonus, and more brothers will become eager. You can then throw a flail to him. If he succeeds he will earn more resolve and range defense (+2)
Killer vs Others Background 02 Killer On The Run A Killer On The Run in your party has tried killing one of your brothers. You may "Flog him", "Hang him", or "Do nothing". Choosing "Do Nothing" will result in the other brothers beating him up (resulting in some wounds for the killer) and there is a possibility that the killer will be killed, dramatically lowering the mood of your entire party that is left. Choosing "Flog him" will lower the mood of the killer.
Lawmen After Criminal Background 11 Thief
Background 02 Killer On The Run
Background 49 Raider
Background 25 Graverobber
A group of lawmen claim that a wanted criminal is amongst your brothers; you can turn him in for a reward, fight the lawmen, bribe them if you have enough crowns, or convince them that the criminal is already dead. If you're sucessful in convincing the lawmen that he is dead, doing so will give the criminal in your party a mood boost. If you fail to convince them you will have to fight the lawmen. Giving up the criminal on Verteran/Expert mode will result in losing the equipment that the criminal is using.
Lend Men To Build Background 09 Farmhand

Random former laborers

A local man asks for your help in finishing a mill before the local baron arrives. You may spare a few men who will get the temporary 'Exhausted' status in return for some crowns, or ignore the man.
Mason vs Thief Background 17 Mason
Background 11 Thief
Mason and thief get a mood boost. (Needs more info)
Messenger vs Houndmaster Background 46 Messenger
Background 50 Houndmaster
(Needs more info)
Miner Atop World Background 45 Miner
(Needs more info)
Minstrel Writes Song Background 42 Minstrel
(Needs more info)
Monk Crafts Holy Water Background 13 Monk Monk finds one Flask of Blessed Water
Monk vs Monk Background 13 Monk
Background 13 Monk
(Needs more info)
Noble More Pay Lowborn Background 06 Adventurous Noble
Other brother that is being paid more than him
Noble claims that by his birthright he should not be paid less than a man who is below himself. You may choose between three options to resolve this event. Choosing the option that "We pay by veterancy and skill" will result in the Noble having a slightly lower mood. Choosing, "How about we lower your pay instead?" will result in the Noble taking a major mood decrease (such as from 'Content' to 'Angry'), lowering is pay, and potentially giving him the 'Greedy' triat. Note that 'Angry' Battle Brothers have a tendency to desert the company...
Noble vs Lowborn Background 08 Disowned Noble
Other (low born) brother
A fight over a meal. Choice of backing noble or other brother. (Backing the low born brother gives Disowned Noble lower mood, and backing the Noble gives the low born brother low mood, whereas choosing "Sort it out yourselves" will cause them to fight, gaining injuries like Fractured Hand).
Player Plays Dice Background 32 Vagabond
Background 20 Gambler
Background 11 Thief
Background 49 Raider
Win or Lose 25 gold. Repeatable. At times, Brothers not of the gambling background will ask you to play, refusing has no consequences. Playing a game of dice will give a mood boost for that brother.
Poacher vs Thief Background 21 Poacher
Background 11 Thief
Poacher and thief get a mood boost. (Needs more info)
Ratcatcher Catches Food Background 41 Ratcatcher
The ratcatcher butchers rats for emergency provisions and sickens the other brothers.
Ratcatcher Crafts Net Background 41 Ratcatcher
You walk up to your Ratcatcher and find him weaving together a net... for catching your enemies in, of course.
Ratcatcher Spreads Disease Background 41 Ratcatcher
Apparently the Ratcatcher had been living up to his name, and furthermore, his rats somehow got loose, eating some of your provisions and getting some of the men Sick.
Refugee vs Raider Background 38 Refugee
Background 49 Raider
(Needs more info)
Retired Soldier Tale Background 24 Retired Soldier
The retired soldier tells war stories and raises the mood of everyone in the company.
Sellsword Gets Better Deal Background 10 Sellsword
The sellsword got a better offer from another company and asks you for higher pay. (Needs more info)
Sellsword vs Raider Background 10 Sellsword
Background 49 Raider
Causes trouble in town, will feel humiliated and take a mood drop if you're asking to stop his nonsens. If you leavehim be he will be euphoric, but the settlement will be threatening from now on.
Shepherd vs Ratcatcher Background 44 Shepherd
Background 41 Ratcatcher
(Needs more info)
Shooting Contest Background 29 Bowyer
Background 21Poacher
Random other brother (no specific background required)
A Bowyer or a Poacher will compete with other Random Brother for ammo, +1 Ranged skill (for 30 ammo) for both or +1 resolve (60 ammo ?) for both.You will also have an option not to do that and save ammo.
Squire vs Hedge Knight Background 03 Squire
Background 33 Hedge Knight
(Needs more info)
Swordmaster Teaches Background 30 Swordmaster
Random other brother (no specific background required)
An unexperienced brother will learn from a Swordmaster. This event will increase his Melee Skill or Defence attribute.
Tailor Werewolf Hide Armor Background 48 Tailor
If you have a Tailor in your company and 2 Unusually Large Wolf Pelts, you may get the option to make a Direwolf Hide Armor. Either there is no required level for the Tailor or it is very low (educated guess: 3). This event can often appear more than once if you meet the prerequisites more than once.
Troublemakers Bully Peasants Background 27 Brawler
This event sometimes occurs when a Brother with the Brawler background is near a settlement. You can admonish him, leave him be, or encourage him for further violence.
Walkers Bond Background 32 Vagabond
Background 46 Messenger
"Two men of the road share stories", increasing their mood and relations.
Wildman Causes Havoc Background 31 Wildman
In a town, somebody complains that your Wildman created havoc in his shop. You can either ignore, come up and see the damage and apologies. The damage is quite substancial and the Wildman spread his "scent" all over the place. If you do pay for the damage, you can pay crowns (for no reputation debuff?) and will help him rebuild (you will pay 600 crowns.
Wildman Finds Something Background 31 Wildman
Forest backrounds can find some useful items in forests.
Wildman Offers Mushrooms Background 31 Wildman
You walk up into the forest and your company finds out your wildman has run off. He returns with some loot (strange mushrooms only loot ?)
Witchhunter Ghoul Teeth Background 23 Witchhunter
The witchhunter transforms one Jagged fang into one Antidote.

Events by TraitEdit

These events can randomly happen on the global map.

Event Affiliated Brother Traits What happens
Aging Swordmaster Status effect 60 Old A swordmaster gains the old trait which lowers his physical attributes. He isn't a fast man any longer. Time to retire and teach grandkids if you have any.
Bad Curse Trait icon 26 Superstitous
A brother with the "Superstitious" trait will ask you for crowns (400 fixed amount?) to lift the curse with the aid of a witch. You accept, he gets euphoric (75% chance he get confident status in battle).
Bad Omen Trait icon 26 Superstitous
A brother with the "Superstitious" trait will get concerned and therefore lower his fighting abilities for a time. He can get afraid and get -50% resolve.
Bright vs Dumb Trait icon 11 Bright
Trait icon 17 Dumb
Both brothers get a positive mood boost. (Needs more info)
Cocky Challenges Player Trait icon 24 Cocky
(Needs more info)
Cocky vs Iron Lungs Trait icon 24 Cocky
Trait icon 33 Iron Lungs
The cocky brother challenges the iron lung one to a breath holding competition. Cocky brother loses, takes light wounds and a morale penalty. All other brothers get a morale boost.
Dastard Loses Trait Trait icon 38 Dastard
Soldier with the "Dastard" trait decides be productive and lose the mentioned trait.
Determined Delivers Peptalk Trait icon 31 Determined
Determined character tells other brothers to man up. (More details required.)
Drunkard Loses Stuff Trait icon 29 Drunkard
Ignore what happened and he might lose more items in the future or flog him to teach him a lesson and lower his mood. He might lose his "Drunkard" trait - Violence may actually help people.
Education Trait icon 17 Dumb
A historian or monk wants to teach this brother. Success will remove the bad trait. If he fails to teach him the teacher will get a bad mood.
Fat Guy Gets Fit Trait icon 10 Fat
All the walking and fighting caused the brother to lose weight and thus lose his "Fat" trait.
Glutton Gets Fat Trait icon 07 Gluttonous
Because of his eating, a brother with the "Gluttonous" trait gains the "Fat" trait.
Greedy Demands Raise Trait icon 06 Greedy
The greedy brother can ask for a raise in pay. Refusing the raise may make him leave your company.
Mountain Running Trait icon 33 Iron Lungs
Travelling into the mountains has made your brothers suffer physicly. It has also made them breathe better, especially the one with the iron lungs.
Noble More Pay Lowborn Trait icon 06 Greedy
If you threaten to lower they pay of your adventorous noble brother, he may gain the greedy trait.
Oldguard Becomes Drunkard Trait icon 29 Drunkard
Losing a lot of men in battle can trigger this event and one of your brothers gains this bad trait.
Optimist Lost Battle Trait icon 19 Optimist (Needs more info)
Paranoid Bothers Others Trait icon 55 Paranoid (Needs more info)
Pessimist Won Battle Trait icon 20 Pessimist After a victorious battle, a pessimist brother will question your victory and imply that you will be on the loosing end someday just like them. It will put him discontent and another one (a few other?)
Shortsighted Shoots Bro Trait icon 27 Shortsighted Your shortsighted brother injures another brother by accident. This happens out of combat.
Spartan Should Eat More Trait icon 08 Spartan Brother seen sitting in camp hardly able to sit up due to lack of eating

  • Leave him be :
    • Brother suffers light wounds
    • Do nothing
  • Make him eat :
    • Brother becomes dissatisfied
    • Brother loose spartan trait
Teamplayer Is Bro Trait icon 58 Team Player
Everyone is grateful to have this brother around. 6 random brothers gain +1 maximum resolve and a mood boost.
Training Accident Trait icon 36 Clumsy
Clumsy brother hurt himself while sorting the gear. Gets a random temporary injury.
Troublemakers Bully Peasants Trait icon 01 Brute
Trait icon 42 Bloodthirsty
This event sometimes occurs when a Brother with the "Brute" or "Bloodthirsty" trait is near a settlement. You can admonish him, leave him be, or encourage him for further violence.

Events by Late Game crisisEdit

These events can happen in a late game crises anywhere on the world map.

Event Crisis What happens
Background 54
Undead Scourge
A man in a suit armor stops you on the path. He offers his sword to fight the dead. If you let him join you'll earn a level 5-6 crusader. Will leave the company when the crisis has ended.
Orc Slayer
Background 55
Greenskin Invasion
Along the road you meet a knight with a bone necklace. He offers his sword to kill orcs and goblins. If you let him join you'll earn a level 5-6 orc slayer. Will leave the company when the crisis has ended.

During the war between noble houses, you will be given the opportunity to swap sides to another noble house (Trigger: Privateering mission?) in exchange for one random unique weapon. Accepting the bribe brings the relationship of your new house to neutral, and your old house to zero. Declining brings no effects, and may be offered again. If you accept, some time after the war ends (<50 days, needs confirming) an event will occur (Trigger: after a battle?) where the house you betrayed sends a large army led by a knight to attack you. Assuming that you win, your new relationship with that house will be zero (Retreating from battle avoids penalty? Untested).

Random EventsEdit

These events can randomly happen on the global map, without any background or trait requirement.

Event What happens
Along the road This Event will only occur when you travel on the roads. You will stumble across a wagon filled with prostitutes and be given three options: 1. to agree, which can result in gaining a large morale boost for money or being forced to pay a double amount of money and if you don't pay, every of your men get an injury and you get minimal equipment.; 2. to plunder; 3. not to do anything.
Along the road This event triggers when you're on the road, a youngster has a big necklace around his neck too heavy to carry it properly. He menacing you when you question about the whereabouts of his necklace with his army of childrens. You've three options : take the goods ; menace them ; leave them be. If you menace them and fail, you can get injured, if you menace them with success (Hedgeknight, maybe some other background ?), you get a trading good for jewels and some crowns.
Along the road You find an abandoned wagon which you salvage for Tools.
Alp captured in a hole You find a man sitting next to a hole in the ground. He asks you if you want to take a look for a few crowns.

  • "Alright I'll pay a bit to have a look." (You pay 10 crowns and discover an alp inside the hole.)
    • "You should kill it." (The man doesnt like your idea and wants to defend his "investment".)
      • "I'll kill it myself." (You gain 58-86(?) crowns and 4 people suffer light wounds.)
      • "Fine, let it live."
        • ?
    • "Alright, uh, good luck then."
      • ?
  • "We're good."
    • ?
Ambush A guy runs to you in a forest and say "no more". You can chase him or not. If you do, the guy you chase is actually ambushing you with his raider friends.
Bounty hunters chasing deserter A deserter in the forest is asking you to hide him from bounty hunters that are after him. You have two options:

  • Hide him: You get the option to let him join you or send him away.
  • Give him over to the bounty hunters: ???
Broken cart This Event will only occur when you travel on the roads. You will be given three options. Either you can plunder, help or ignore the cart and his owner. Helping may ends up receiving some supplies or provisions, but can also injure some of your brothers for some time.
Brother gets some loving You first meet a lady who says her old man is stuck in a well and need helps. If you choose to help him, one of your brothers is chosen randomly to help him. Afterwards, you get a long winded dialogue from the old man. Meanwhile, as you were listening, that random brother gains a mood boost from a secret rendezvous with the lady, as he emerges from the lady's house and the lady flushed with warmth.
Cat in a Tree A Young boy ask you to retrieve a cat in a tree. If you have a rat catcher he will gain initiative and a moral boost.
Collector wants trophy As you look at the local market's wares, a strange man approaches. He has baubles of strange liquids hanging from his hip and there's a strange wood taking the place of most of his teeth.

He offers you crowns for your trophy. (As many as the item is worth)

You consider the man's offer.

  • "Deal."
  • "No deal."
Come across burial

While traveling on the road, your company comes across a group of people burying old soldier, giving you the option to take his weapon.

First choice will allow you to attempt to take the greatsword and the other choice is to leave the burial.

  1. Take sword: This option will go in two ways.
    • The people will stand in your way where you are given the option of forcefully removing the people (might start a fight but don't know if you get the sword still) or putting the sword back. If you put the sword back the people will praise you and (might) increase your reputation. Some says you can have a unique weapon out of this, but this has to be proven.
    • The people there let you take the sword and you get a free greatsword (Yay!).
  2. Leave the burial
    • Basically you leave and get nothing.

You have absolutely everything to gain by taking the sword first but if the people resist it's up to you to decide what the next move is depending on how badly you want a greatsword.

Cow Tipping While on the march, you come across a lone cow and your men want to see who can tip it over. One of them asks you to choose a brother.

  • "Pick whoever you think is best" - A random brother is chosen and has a chance to succeed and get +1 max fatigue and raise the band's morale, or get injured and take a moral loss.
  • "I bet (Brother with Strong or Tough Trait) could do it." - Brother with Trait succeeds, gaining +1 max fatigue and raising band's morale.
  • Leave the cow alone - ?
Dead bodies A text about people who got killed. Causes no positive or negative effects.
Dead lumberjack While walking in the forest you stumble upon a litter of dead lumberjacks and a slain direwolf.

You gain a Woodcutter's Axe and an Unusually Large Wolf Pelt.

During Camp You wake up seeing ground grain being stolen. You follow the trail but you get lost. You hear a childish voice and foot steps that go through you at some point. And ask you to chase you. You can't, you loose ground grain.

Maybe some other interaction with a different background ?

Mad Hermit in the forest

While exploring away from civilisation, in forest, an mad hermit with a crossbow could be encountered. You can choose to :

  • Leave him alone : nothing will happen.
  • Approach at your own risk. Then you will discover that he has a goblin chained at home and that it is the hermit's only friend. And you will have 3 options. The one where you convince the hermit to unchain his friend will end with the hermit wounded, the goblin killed and you gaining an unique item.
Fleeing workers

Some ragged clothed men seems to flee someone and hide in the bushes. Minute after a militia come ask you if you've seen these workers on the run. You can either reveal the runaways' position for money or mislead the militiamen out of the way, and one of the runaways may ask to join your company. (possible backgrounds: refugee and vagabond, needs to verify if it's always the case, also it should happen on the road only as the road is mentioned in the event's text, but that needs to be checked too)

Sometimes, even if you mislead the militiamen, one of them will go the right way and catch all the workers on the run. In this case, you don't get anybody to join you for obvious reasons.

Food goes bad You are notified about spoiled food, resulting in some lost provisions.
Giant Tree in Forest  ?

in castle

While in town (possibly during a Greenskin Invasion), a lord informs you of a goblin being seen in his castle and asks you to find and kill him. You're given four options:

  • Search the pantry. (You find the lord's wife and a stable boy having a good shag behind some melons. The man offers to snag a famous jouster's shield in exchange for your silence)
    • Your lord will hear of this. (You essentially cockblock the stable boy. Get ?nothing?)
    • Your secret is safe with me. (A player reported getting an ordinary kite shield. Doesn't necessarily exclude the option of getting a famed shield)
  • Search the armory.
  • Search the (forgot this one).
  • None of our business.
Goblin land This random event triggers when you're crossing into goblin land (perhaps during your first few trips). You'll get dialogue concerning a strange assortments of items placed on the ground, with one of your company commenting that its goblin markings and you're in goblin territory now.
Herbs Along The Way While exploring, some of your men find some herbs which they believe to be medicinal. You can:

  • Agree to let a volunteer try them. The volunteer may gain the Sick injury from this.
  • Tell the men this is a foolish idea. Unknown outcome.
Brothers Want a Raise

After acquiring a larger amount of gold (presumably above 20,000), you overhear talk about the Brothers wanting higher pay. You can choose to either give higher pay, or insist that they are paid according to their contract, no raises. Choosing the option to give your Brothers a raise will cost you another 3 crowns per Brother, and will boost everyone's mood, whereas choosing the option to not give raises will make many of the Brothers' moods decrease (i.e. become concerned) and have some brothers acquire the Greedy trait.

Companions, cultists, flagellants, monks and wildmen are not affected by not giving a raise.

Monk With Mead On The Road Your party encounters a monk with a cart carrying casks of mead. You can either force take it or buy it. If offering to buy it, there is a chance the monk will give it to you for free, else the monk will make you pay 10 crowns per man. All of your men will become in good spirit, with none becoming drunk. If force taking it, some brothers may become eager.
Snake Oil Potion A shady merchant offers to sell you a potion to heal your wounded men for 500 crowns. You can either buy a potion, ignore him or "teach him a lesson."
Buy Map Wandering Traveller will offer to sell a map for 1400 crowns, to a location with many treasures, if you have a brother with the thief background you can steal it from him. May need an Historian to decipher map. A Pedler background can haggle the map to half price.
Thief Caught Stealing Food A man is caught stealing from your supplies and awaits your judgement.
  • Feed him - Lose a random stack of food though he will be grateful and ask to join your company (thief background).
  • Beat him up - ?
  • Put him to the sword - the thief beg for his life:
    • offer him a job: the thief will disappear during the night with some food.
    • kill him : ?

Sometimes you don't catch the thief and just lose a random stack of food.

Adopt Wardog You notice a dog following you, giving you the option to kill it (presumably gaining provisions), shoo it away, or offer it food (costs some provisions but you may gain a war dog) or have your Houndmaster check it out (If you have one). Offering food might result in the temporary injury Split Handor Crushed Hand or Crushed Finger, or permanent injury Missing Finger and no war dog. Note that if you use a Houndmaster you should have a guaranteed success in getting the dog to join you.
Wannabe-pimp You come across a man and woman arguing outside one of the town's buildings.

You can choose "Pimps keep you safe in this world" or "Nothing wrong with a sellwhore playing by her own rules".

If you have a tailor you can choose a 3rd option where the tailor attacks the pimp.

(The tailor gains increased Initiative, some gold and a mood boost)

If you have a monk you can choose a 3rd option, where the monk talks the pimp into joining your mercenary company.

If you have a Minstrel he will sing a song to them about how they love each other and the party gets a mood boost.

Unallocated EventsEdit

These events are in the game according to the game files, but we need more info for them to put them into a category.

Event Possible (guessed) Requirement(s) What happens
Bad Curse Superstitous Your Superstitious Brother claims he has been cursed by a Witch or some other, and asks for 500 crowns to pay it off. Granting his wishes makes him Euphoric, while denying his request (presumably) makes him fearful, concerned, or worse.
Bad Omen Superstitous Your Superstitious Brother claims to have seen a bad omen, claiming that events will play out poorly in the future. Only he is affected, lowering his resolve for a time. 
Butcher gives pointers Butcher  ?
Dogfighting Must have War Dog (seems to trigger when nearby or camping beside a town especially those with a kennel) One of your brothers tells you about a dogfighting opportunity, asking for 200 crowns and for you to enter your Wardog into the competition. At any point of the Dogfight you may back out, but at the end, if you win, you would receive 500 crowns (and the Wardog intact).
Dogfighting themselves At least two dogs in stash. The dogs fight themselves. You can separate them or let them fight. If you let them, one will die.
Dogs dig up loot 2 or more War Dogs Your War Dogs scamper off and dig something up, using it for tug-of-war. Loot seen from this so far: Cultist Hood, Thick Tunic.
Entertaining troupe Random event A troupe of artists asks you if you want to pay them (750 crowns) to entertain your men. You may pay them, which will result in morale boost, you may tell them to hand out their valuables or say good bye. If an Adventurous Noble is present in your company you will have an extra option to listen to what his has in mind, which will result in free morale boost instead of a paid one
Fisherman tells story Fisherman  ?
Flagellant wounds heal Flagellant  ?
Help young boy retrieve ball Any (see comments) Depending on Traits (sure-footed) and possibly Background, may help the boy for a mood boost or cause him to fall from the tree and die.
Herbs along the way  ? One of your brothers find some unknown herbs. You have the option to try them out, or to refuse. Trying them out may result in +5 medical supplies, or the unknown herbs might make one brother Sick.
Hunt food Hunter  ?
In the mountains... Random event while walking in the mountains A man trying to fly a helicopter ask you to record history. You may warn him about the dangers, or spectate him trying to jump off the cliff and fly.

Spectating offers a chance for a morale boost if he's successful, or a falcon may appear and kill him.

Minstrel outsmarts Gambler  ?  ?
Minstrel regals Refugee  ?  ?
Group with a hanged man Thief A group with a hanged man asks you to find his toes and offers 500 gold for them. You can search for it, not get involved, or let your thief deal with it. If you pick the thief option you'll get 500 gold and he gains 3 initiative and a morale boost. If you search for it and fail, you will lose 230 gold.
Fencing Student Be near a town You come across a fencing master chewing out a student for his impatience. The master suggests the student join your company as he is eager to fight but doesn't have the temperament for fencing. If you accept, gain a first-level Apprentice with unique background text.
A Witch Burning Be on a road Some peasants are gathered to burn a woman at the stake. Your options are to kill her, free her, or consult your Witch Hunter if you have one. Consulting the Witch Hunter has him kill the peasant holding the torch, revealing him to be an evil spirit. This grants your witch hunter +1 Resolve, +1 Initiative, and grants several of your brothers a morale boost.
A Stoning Be on a road You encounter an enormous gang of children that have stoned a wealthy merchant to death and robbed his jewelry. You can choose to try to take the merchant's goods or back off when the gang's leader threatens you. If you insist on taking the goods, you gain a Signet Ring and some crowns while a couple of your men suffer light wounds.
A Hanged Man Be near a town A violent killer has been hanged, and a vengeful mob is cutting grisly trophies from the fresh corpse. A strange man offers you a reward if you recover one of the killer's fingers. You can either agree, refuse, or listen to your Butcher if you have one. If you hear your Butcher out, he will instead cut his own finger off and offer it to the man. This rewards you with a larger sum of gold, while your Butcher gains the 'Missing Finger' permanent injury, +3 Resolve, and a morale boost.
Diverse Provisions Have 5 different types of food Your men appreciate their diverse meals and the entire company gets eager.
Wildman in a cage On the road A merchant ask you to do something about his wildman in a cage (he's too roudy), if you go in you suffer a permanent injury. If you got a wildman he can talk to him. And rip, with the help of the other wildman, the head of the merchant. You can recruit the caged wildman and liberate some animals and gain some (falcon and wardog). Or you can let them starve ?
And many more