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One-Handed FlailsEdit

Flail Lash
Ignores the defense
bonus of shields
100% chance to hit the head
(if the attack hits)
AP Fatigue AP Fatigue
4 14 4 25

Flails have a general bonus of +10% chance to hit the head.

Flails ignore the defense bonus granted by shields with their basic "Flail" attack. Their "Lash" attack will ignore the defense bonus of shields if the "Flail Mastery" Perk is picked.

"Lash" can be a devastating attack against enemies without or weak helmets, because when it hits, it guarantees a head hit and therefore critical damage.

Name Worth Damage Ignores Armor Vs. Armor Durability Max. Fatigue
Wooden Flail
Flail 02
40 10-25 30% 50% 32 -6
Reinforced Wooden Flail
Flail 03
300 20-45 30% 80% 40 -7
Flail 01
1400 25-55 30% 100% 72 -8

Two-Handed FlailsEdit

Orc Weapons cost +5 additional fatigue per skill use for humans!

Pound Thresh
Ignores the defense
bonus of shields
+20 damage
+15% chance to hit head
30% to stun
Can hit up to 6 target,
-15% chance to hit
+15% chance to hit head
20% chance to stun
AP Fatigue AP Fatigue
6 15+5 6 30+5
Name Worth Damage Ignores Armor Vs. Armor Durability Max. Fatigue
Berserk Chain
Orc flail two handed
1300 40-100 30% 125% 32 -30

Melee Weapons
Daggers  • Swords  • Blunt Weapons  • Maces  • Spears  • Axes  • Flails  • Cleavers  • Hammers  • Polearms

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