Explanation to some basic game mechanics.

Difficulty levelsEdit

There are three difficulty levels that will affect different aspects of the game, including your starting money and supplies:

Supplies icon
Ammo icon
Medicine icon
Beginner: 2500 50 40 80 30
Veteran: 2000 50 20 40 20
Expert: 1500 50 10 20 10

Optionally, you can enable the "Ironman" mode for each difficulty level when starting a new campaign.
With this mode enabled for a campaign, the game saves automatically and the player is not able to set manual savepoints. Therefore the player has to live with every decision he makes and can not reload to a previous state other than the last autosave.

The higher the difficulty level, the more Weapons, Armor and supplies will cost while contracts will pay less.

Wooden Shield
Icon faction shield round 00
Beginner Veteran Expert
77 Crowns 90 Crowns 105 Crowns

This is as well as a greater enemy presence on the Global map with enemy groups and lairs more likely to have more and/or better troops.

Things that are NOT modified by chosen difficulty levels:

  • Enemies will carry the same equipment with the same stats on all difficulty levels
  • Availability of items and supplies from towns and cities is unaffected by difficulty

Levels and XPEdit

Level Total XP
See full Article: Level and Experience

The character's level is a value between 1 and 11 and measures experience in battle. Characters rise in levels as they gain experience and are able to increase their attributes and gain perks that make them better at the mercenary profession.

The introduction of "Veteran Levels" allows mercenaries to level even farther than level 11. Every level above 11 (= Veteran Level) requires 5000 XP and there is NO perk point awarded and the stat rolls are reduced to a maximum of +1 for three stats, but there is no maximum limitation of possible veteran levels.

Attributes can be divided into two different categories:
  • Primary Attributes can be increased each level by 1-3 points
    • Melee Skill
    • Melee Defense
    • Ranged Defense
  • Secondary Attributes can be increased each level by 2-4 points
    • Ranged Skill
    • HP
    • Fatigue
    • Resolve
    • Initiative

Some recruits with military backgrounds may already have a few levels under their belt. If you hire a brother who already has one or more levels, you can distribute his perk points and stat roll level ups after you hired him as you do with a normal mercenary.

Examples of some backgrounds:
Starting Levels
Background 07
Background 35
Background 37
Background 08
Background 24
Background 49
Background 10
Background 30
1-2 1-2 1-3 1-3 2-3 2-4 2-4 3-5

Combat XPEdit

See full article: XP awards for enemies

XP gain in combat: The person who did the killing blow gets 20% of the "XP value of an enemy". The other 80% is distributed equally amongst all men who are still alive.[1]
Details on "total XP value" for various enemies can be found here: XP awards for enemies.

Upkeep and Food SupplyEdit

See full articles: Character Backgrounds and Provisions

Your soldiers aren't noble adventurers fighting for truth or justice, they are in it for the money. A company without money and supplies will quickly have no members left.
Every soldier gets paid a daily wage of crowns, if you fail to pay them, their mood will decrease and after a while and if angered enough, they may decide to desert your company.
The wage is increased by 1 crown with every level up and the character trait greedy increases the wage right away by 2 crowns.

Each brother consumes 2 units of food per day unless they have certain traits like spartan or gluttonous.
If you fail to feed them, their mood will decrease and after a while and if angered enough, they may decide to desert your company.
The quality of food currently doesn't hava any effect, although there is an event ingame, that when you have a good diversitiy of food (also with high quality food like venison) that will boost the mood of your men.

High quality provisions usually take longer to spoil than lower quality provisions. Your mercenaries will always eat or drink the provisions which are the closest to spoil.


See full article: Morale and Attributes

All units (excluding Undead (excluding Necromancer) and most Ancient Dead) have Morale status, which varies from Confident to Fleeing, Steady being the default state. Effects of Morale on various stats are shown below:

Resolve Melee
Confident 0 +10% +10% +10% +10%
Steady 0 0 0 0 0
Wavering -10% -10% -10% -10% -10%
Breaking -20% -20% -20% -20% -20%
Fleeing -30% -30% -30% -30% -30%
  • Units that fail Resolve test when broken, panic and try to disengage and flee the battlefield
  • Fleeing units can randomly regain their composure and come back to fight
  • The skill "Rally the Troop" (unlocked as a tier 3 perk ) has a chance to raise the morale of nearby allies, this could get brothers back from the fleeing status.
  • Brothers' starting Morale in battle is rolled based on their Mood.


Battle Brothers uses a day/night cycle, going through the phases

Dawn - Morning - Midday - Afternoon - Evening - Dusk - Night

Settlement vendors (markets/shops) and people for hire are closed and not available during Nighttime.

Battles fought during Night give combatants -2 Vision, -30% Ranged Skill, -30% Ranged Defense (if not immune to the effects). As Ranged Skill generally tends to be significantly higher than Ranged Defense in most pair ups, this usually tends to work out in favor of the defender.

A complete day in-game is about 1 minute 45 seconds in real time. Use space bar to pause the game. Time is literally money and wages will be given out once Afternoon starts.

Enemy Troop SizeEdit

Enemy numbers for contract-spawned lairs are influenced by Difficulty level (as stated above) and also by Renown(?). Higher Difficulty and Renown increases enemy numbers and also enemy tier (stronger opponents, ie: Bandit Leaders). Other factors involved are equipment and size of roster.(?)
Mousing over lairs usually reveals rough assessments of numbers (detailed in table below) and troop types for the defenders.

Description Actual Range
A few2-3
A lot11-13
A plethora14+


See full Article: Factions & Relations
Invincible 8000
Immortal 14000

Your renown is your repute as a professional mercenary company and reflects how reliable and competent people judge you to be. The higher your renown, the higher-paid and more difficult contracts people will entrust you with, and the more resources your enemies will spend on working against you. Renown increases on successfully completing contracts and winning battles, and decreases on failing to do so.

You gain Renown as you complete contracts (usually at least 50), and after you win battles (usually 10).


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