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Hammers are weapons dedicated to destroy enemy armor.

One-Handed HammersEdit

Hammer Destroy Armor
Always inflicts at least 10 HP damage,
regardless of current armor
Only but more powerful direct armor damage,
Always inflicts 10 HP damage
AP Fatigue AP Fatigue
4 14 4 25

These are highly effective anti-armor weapons that also always deal health damage on hit. This makes for a perfect combination with the Fearsome Perk.

Name Worth Damage Ignores Armor Vs. Armor Durability Max. Fatigue
Miners pick 01
120 15-30 50% 150% 56 -10
Military Pick
Military pick 01
900 20-35 50% 200% 80 -8
Warhammer 01
2500 30-40 50% 225% 100 -8

Two-Handed HammersEdit

Smite Shatter Split Shield
Staggers enemy on hit
(lowers enemy initiative)
Can hit up to 3 targets

-10% hit chance
33% chance to stagger on hit
33% chance to knock back target on hit

Split Shield
Inflicts 26 damage to shields
AP Fatigue AP Fatigue AP Fatigue
6 15 6 30 6 25
Name Worth Damage Ignores Armor Vs. Armor Durability Max. Fatigue
Two-Handed Hammer
2H-Hammer 01
2000 60-90 50% 200% 120 -18
Melee Weapons
Daggers  • Swords  • Blunt Weapons  • Maces  • Spears  • Axes  • Flails  • Cleavers  • Hammers  • Polearms

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