Here you can see a list of treasures and lootable items from enemies.

Treasure items can be found in enemy encampments and lairs and are usually worth a nice sum of money. The best price for them is offered in big settlements, as small ones have less money and have less need for luxuries.

Treasure ItemsEdit

Inventory loot 09
Signet Ring
Basic worth: 245Crowns
Inventory loot 06
Basic worth: 350Crowns
Inventory loot 01
Silver Bowl
Basic worth: 490Crowns
Inventory loot 08
Ornate Tome
Basic worth: 595Crowns
Inventory loot 07
White Pearls
Basic worth: 770Crowns
Inventory loot 04
Ancient Gold Coins
Basic worth: 875Crowns
Inventory loot 03
Golden Chalice
Basic worth: 980Crowns
Inventory loot 05
Basic worth: 1120Crowns
Inventory loot 02
Jeweled Crown
Basic worth: 1260Crowns
Lindwurm's Hoard
Basic worth: 1250Crowns

Craft ItemsEdit

Some enemies also drop items which can be used in crafting events. Pelts, Fangs and Ashes are sold at the same rate as for regular items (weapons/armor). 20% of their worth (more in bigger settlements) is typically a good price. Quality Wood is treated as a trade item and can fetch 150% or more of its worth in large settlements.

Inventory wolfpelt 01
Unusually Large Wolf Pelt
Basic worth: 200 Crowns
Can be used in an event to craft a Direwolf Hide Armor
(You need to have a Background 48 Tailor in your company).

Direwolf Hide Armor

Inventory vampire dust 01 17122017
Shimmering ashes (formerly Vampire Dust)
Basic worth: 500 Crowns
Inventory ghoul teeth 01
Jagged fangs (formerly Ghoulteeth)
Basic worth: 100 Crowns
Can be used in an event to craft an Antidote
(You need to have a Background 23 Witchhunter in your company).
Antidote 01


Quality wood
Quality Wood
Basic worth: 180Crowns
Can be used in an event to craft Masterwork Bow
(You need to have a Background 29 Bowyer in your company).
Bow 03

Masterwork Bow