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  • I live in the tavern of the next city.
  • My occupation is a wannabe professional mercenary.
  • I am a Male.
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  • Hi. I just created a new page for those who (like me) whant to write a thank message to the dev team.

    I don't know if that is the place but i figured i's take initiatives anyways

    If it is ok would you add a link on the main page ?




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    • Greets!

      Ah, a nice gesture. I like the idea. :)

      About the execution of your idea, I can think of two ways:

      1) The way you do it. Everyone who does want to can add an entry to the page and separates his comment from the previous comment.
      Your/This way has the great advantage that everyone (regardless if registered on wikia or not) can write something.
      Problem is that the page would maybe get really long and when adding something new someone has to scroll down and maybe accidentally edits/deletes the comment of someone else. (That's not really a problem though, even with my little experience I can recover such an error quite easily.)
      (Of course, there are also ways to code/program something that allows to add a comment without actually editing the page on your own, but I lack the skills to create something like that...)

      2) Everyone creates a blog post with what he wants to say and gives it the category "Love Letter" or something like that. I then create a page that automatically collects all these blog posts and lists them one after another.
      Positive: Everyone only has to care about his own comment and it will be sorted automatically.
      Problem: Only registered users can write blog posts.

      What do you think is the better way?
      Anyway, I will add a link on the mainpage.

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    • Seems like the first solution would allow a more spontaneous collection of letters. If you don't mind the occasionnal repairs it might require.

      Thx for making this wiki what it is. It is a great help to enjoy BB in a more complete fashion

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey Zensalin !

    I managed to beat the Black Monolih without retreating or losing a single guy on the 259th day.

    After three succesful companies (with over 300 days each) I believe I can write a company guide for those still struggling updated to reflect April's perks and whatnot.

    Can I write one or does the wiki have enough of that content already?



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    • Hey there Zen! And thanks a lot for the compliment. ^^

      Hopefully, 20 years from now they'll get to that conclusion. For now all they care is having parties and getting wasted lmao.

      Anyway... I was browsing the wiki and stumbled across this page here:

      I highly, strongly, with all my brain cells disagree with what they say about archers over there. I don't want, however, to trample on other ppl work and/or ideas. How can I edit/create/show other people that there is an alternative, if not a outright better way to build their archers?

      Thanks is advance, man.


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    • Hi,

      well, there are some ways.  As the one who added these builds is not a registered user, the chances of him coming back and reading a comment where you explain why he is wrong are quite low, I think.

      But still, the best thing to do would be that, I think: Create your own archer entry and explain in the comments why this and that from the other build is wrong. Even if the original creator will not read this comment, other visitors will do.

      Variety is the key and the more builds there are, the more possibilities the people have to choose from, after thinking what they themselves think to be right. And maybe you convince them to not build their archers like that with the explanation you give in the comments.

      Anyway, do whatever you think is best.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey Zen

    Can you put guides and mod and player created content into separate category?

    Like before it was ?

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  • There is a event when a battle brother has the dumb trait removed by a historian or monk. I was wondering if this is reoccurring or only happens once. My favorite warrior has the dumb trait and failed in becoming smarter so I wanted to know if he would get another shot at it. Let me know if this happened to you.

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    • Hi!

      I read that monks and historians can remove the dumb trait from multiple brothers throughout a playthrough. I also know that when the event fails, the teacher get's disgruntled.

      A situation like yours has not happened to me personally so far, but from what I think, read and have seen in the game so far, I think that it is possible that the event will reoccur (maybe through a historian, but maybe also through the same monk), but as with all events in the game, this will take its time.

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    • I thought so, thanks though. I am glad my dumb orc slayer still has a chance to get smarter.

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  • I see in english wiki not created page for scenario mode.

    We already create this page.

    I can translate images for english wiki or you have ideas about this page?

    Scenario mode page .

    Example :

    Scenario 9

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  • We translate all texts and create some images for perks.

    You can see them here .

    I can create some images for English wiki, as under the headings.

    You can change colors and text type (If you want).

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  • Dear Zensalin Bro and everybody who created this Wiki.

    Thank you so much! Russian-language wiki without you would't have been. 

    Without your articles in the Russian wiki would be a lot fewer pages than it is now.

    99% of our pages, it is a translations from your wiki.

    Images we're borrowed from you too.

    In our country this game is not popular yet. In our team only 7 people, and 3 of them are active.

    We're translated 150 articles in about 10 days.

    Thank you so so so much guys!

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    • Thank you for your kind words! :)
      Behind this wiki stands a great team, many left, but also many came and there has evolved a nice team here over time.
      We are all part of a great community, the community around Battle Brothers!

      I will forward this post to the forum, so everyone on the wiki can quickly see your message. :)

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    • Thanks for your answer and support :)) 

      We're POWER!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Stats are now more or less complete on my part: HPs, armor, Melee def, Ranged def. I don't think it's possible to know Melee and Ranged Skill for enemy units unless the devs reveal them and I doubt they will. Enemy perks as always are a continuous work in progress as they are rarely obvious. I will try to complete Swordmaster (if I can find one :( ) and Mercenaries (if I happen to run into them), but you shouldn't expect either of these soon. As for the normally friendly units: Peasants, Caravan Hands, etc, I'm not really too keen on doing them as that would entail replaying a good deal to anger a faction/settlement. Might do it if I get bored, but prefer to leave that part to others who may have more suitable saves.

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    • Swordmaster has nimble and return the favour perks for sure. Also you doing great job

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    • Thanks. I knew about Nimble and the one enemy Swordmaster I met certainly had it (unfortunately I've overwritten that save and cannot check easily). Most of my men were at 5% to hit. Didn't know about Return the Favor though. Will add it with the other stuff when I get a good battle to test things.

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    • Perfect! Thanks for your ( past, present and future ^^ ) great work! :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey there, I can't quite get references to work. I've tried putting in one for the Undead section but my format is apparently incorrect. The link in References below should work though. It's just that it isn't linked properly with the Skeleton Strength: Extremely resistant to ranged attacks (80%) [1] Help appreciated. Thanks :)

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    • Hi, ah, right, I see what you tried to add.
      The reason why it didn't work is that, there seems to be no template for a reflist.
      I will take care of this problem and let you know when I solved it. :)

      The battle brothers wikia was abanoned "quite early" from it's founders after they founded it. I fear that, because of that, maybe quite a lot of background work (templates (like the reflist you tried to add), css coding, etc.) hasn't been taken (enough) care of, so I fear we will face some more (minor and/or greater) issues in the future. But, we will solve them. :)

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    • Now a template for reflist is up and running and it seems fine.
      Have a look at the first entry in my Sandbox, for example.
      I also now made the reference you tried to add to the undead page working to have an example.

      Additional information:
      This would be a normal reference:

      <ref>[ Steam Forums]</ref>

      problem with it is, if you want to use it multiple times on the same page, it creates unwanted spamming, with creating new citations ([1], [2], [3], etc.) everytime it is used, but always with the same link. Now, the better method for using the same reference multiple times on the same page, is like this:
      You can name the reference you want to use multiple times. Name the reference the first time you use it on the page you want it to be used, like:
      <ref name="ExampleNameText">[ Steam Forums]</ref></nowiki>

      then, when you want to use it again, you use the following code:
      <ref name="ExampleNameText"></ref>

      If you need more help, feel free to ask. :)
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    • Aha, so that's why it wasn't working earlier. No template for reflist lol. Thanks for fixing it promptly and for the tips! You're the best! xD FYI, I'm not a coder in RL and I'm from a generation that started with floppy disks, so I'm really not too savvy with raw code. Mostly a copy-paster to get my message through :p

      Will try to get something up later on Game Mechanics. There isn't an actual game manual as of this date and I've seen other games which use gamepedia/wikia as their "manual". Considering info is currently scattered all around in forum/blog posts, I'm happy to keep working on this to make it a convenient 1-stop reference site. :)

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    • Thanks, I try to do my best. :) I'm also not a coder, but I'm sure we will manage this wikia anyway. ^^

      With the game mechanics, yeah if we manage to make it clear and understandable and offer a lot of information, maybe this wikia is considered as unofficial manual (or something similar).

      And, what I noticed, you used the following for the Game Mechanics Page:

      <ref name="Official dev blog1">[ Official dev blog1]</ref></nowiki>

      So, the reference is named Official dev blog1 and if you want to use it again you simply use
      <ref name="Official dev blog1"></ref>
      and if you want to change how it is named at the end of the page ( where the References: {reflist}} ) is, then you simply have to change the underlined text in the above example into something like, Overhype Dev Blog #12, or Battle Brothers Forums, if you have the information out of the forums, or name it whatever you want it to be named. :)
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey, man... I wanted to add some of the uniques(blues weapons\shields) there stats and looks(that's there I found problems) to the specific lists to the wiki, so wanned to ask you, where do you get croped weapon\armor images? Do you crop them you'r self or do you have smth to open up BB .dat files for 'em? =)

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    • I've seen them loooong ago before goblins even been introduced, so that's why I'm asking about them and not sure at what point they could have been removed =)

      Well we can leave it as it is for the moment, until first vandal will show up, but I think I saw discussion somewhere about some russian translating and removing everything (damn, if you want just create a why bother with vandalism but that's not the case now). The smartest move I think would be finalize front page to make it clear and pretty with main "buttons" leading to key pages and mostly categories so even if we ran out of time for wiki or someone will add something usefull it could be easily added to category and show up 1 click after front page. Taking in account full release is scheduled somewhere this year most of the funcrions or at least there basics(like factions) is in game already.

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    • Well then, we have a lot of work to do. ^^

      Hopefully more members will come and join. Maybe if some people read your started discussion on steam and/or the official forums they might visit here and decide to stay. :)

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