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  • Hello Zensalin!

    I will not be able to work on the Wiki as much as I did these past few months. I have pressing matters to attend to and though I'd like to spend time contributing here, that would not be reasonable.

    I was really hoping that someone would step up and take it upon himself or herself to improve the Wiki. Kind users occasionally contribute but it's really sad to see how little activity there is. I guess the lack of development of the game explains it. Hopefully, the new DLC will change that.

    I feel quite satisfied with the Wiki content. The essential information is there but it can always be polished and details added. I've learned more than a few things about editing and Wiki code especially about tables. I cannot help but think that with some custom css the Wiki could look even better, perhaps much closer to the game interface.

    With the coming expansion and the new content, I've no doubt a wave of new and returning players will come and rekindle the interest for both the game and its Wiki. I don't think I'll be there to make the necessary edits so if anyone seems eager and willing, please feel free to revoke my rights in their favor.

    I did not empty my to-do list and most of the items are only partially completed. But I'm satisfied with what I achieved. If I had more time, I would obviously keep working on it. I really wanted to finish the guide but I realize this is never ending and I have to draw the line somewhere.

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    • Hey Vilain,

      thanks for all of your contributios! Your recent works are outstanding! It comes to show how much we can learn by being interested in something and continuing to work on it, but real-life matters are always more important, that is out of the question.

      I share the same hopes as you, that with the DLC new life will come into here, but only time will tell if that is going to happen.

      I can't really put it into words, simply saying "thank you" doesn't sound like it's enough, but I truly want to thank you for your marvellous work you did in your time here.

      Once I'm done with doing mandatory military service, I may be able to pick up on your works, but my greatest hope is that someone else will show up and continue the work on the wiki.

      I won't remove your user rights for now (there is no limit on them anyway), because if you ever come back, you may still need them. :)

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    • That is enough :) ! Thanks for your kind words! And the best to you! I may come back... Never say never, right?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi Zensalin!

    I wanted to talk to you about some things.

    The first item is about renaming. I think the Unique Items page as well as the weapons it displays should be called 'named' instead of 'unique'. This is the official term used for files and seen in several dev blogs and developer comments. The only problem that prevented me from making the change so far is that I imagine people got used to how things are. It would also make it more difficult to reach the page. But there could be a redirection at least until the new nomenclature sets in.

    I would also like to rename some of the Settlements. They sometimes contradict the name used in the game and there seems to be a confusion between the Town Hall and Villages.

    Would you approve of these changes?

    The next item is about categorization. I created new pages (you can find them in uncategorized pages) but I don't know what to categorize them under (except the guide which I don't think is worth categorizing until there's more content in it). Or if a new category should be created how it should be named. What do you think?

    The last item is about a page that was created some time ago and that I think is erroneous while not having any proof to say so with certainty: Horse_raper_event. So, I guess my question is why should be done about it?

    Edit: I forgot to add that there's also a difference between named and legendary. Is that because the page contains both that it was called 'unique items'? If that's the case, should only weapons be renamed? Should the page instead be renamed 'Named and Legendary Items' or be split into two pages?

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    • Hi Vilain!

      When renaming a page you can choose to leave a redirect, as such, no links in old forum posts or similar will be broken, as these will still work. Additionally, Search engines can then still find the pages with unique their title, but also with named, so I don't see a problem with renaming as long as a redirect is left behind.

      Ah wait, I see, after reading what you wrote at the end of your post. The page was created before the legendary items were even a thing, if I remember that correctly, but anyway, maybe split them into two separate pages but have the "Unique items" page act as a sort of a signpost? Similar to how it looks on the page Weapons? Or just create a page named "Named Items" and have it redirect to Unique Items, just so that people who search in google find a page named "Named Items" but are sent to Unique Items immediatly?
      I'm not totally sure on this myself. Feel free to do as you think, you can always revert to previous state of being if you don't like the outcome.

      Feel free to rename and do other changes on the settlements as you see fit, I never really got finished with the page anyway, most of the info on there thankfully was from Sarissofoi and other people (If I remember that correctly.)

      The uncategorized pages you mention don't show up in the uncategorized pages overview? At least for me. I will need to take a closer look at that.

      You could check in the game files, if any of the file names from the events in the game (every event has it's own script file in the games .dat file, it seems) somewhat fits with what is described on it's wiki page. Alternatively, place the Delete template on the page, with reason that there is not enough info on it and that it appears to be ominous. Maybe it's a joke, maybe someone can tell us more about it.

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    • Thanks Zensalin for the detailed answer. It will greatly help me decide what to do!

      I think the Weapons page idea is good. However, it may not be necessary in that case because the list of named items is not as long which makes it (still) easy to scroll, in my opinion. So for now, I think it's fine to leave a single page for named and legendary items and for weapons and armors.

      But your suggestion made me think that the page itself could be reorganized as a table with the statistics of each item and a link to the item page like what was done with Weapons.

      You are right, the pages disappeared from the uncategorized section! That's really weird (they were there before, I swear)! The pages I was talking about are those: News_and_Dev_Blogs and Developer_Posts.

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  • Hi, yesterday i have released new mod for bb. You can chect it here - > Could you please add it on wiki?

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  • Hi!

    Can you please tell me how or whether I can add "Contents" on a page Beasts ? If only administrators can do that, can you please add it there?

    It exists on every "Enemies" page, but not there. Its absence also doesn't allow to make links directly to specific beasts (like, f.e. on Orc Young page).

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    • Hi!

      This box that has "Contents" written in it, automatically appears when there are more than 3 Headers on a page.(I think it was 3, if I remember that correctly.)
      A Header is for example ===Orc Young=== written somewhere on a page, or ==Orcs==. These are basically titles for orientation on a page.

      The number of = defines the "level" of a header.

      The Header ==Orcs== will be above the header ===Orc Warrior===.

      The result of this is for example what you see on the Orcs page.
      There is the header orcs as point 4 in the box and the points Orc Young, Orc Warrior, etc. as 4.1, 4.2, etc.

      If two headers have the same "level", they will count numbers. For example: ==Military Structure== is a "level" 2 header, because of the 2 = symbols.
      ==Military Tactics== is also a "level" 2 header.

      Because of that, they count numbers. Military Structure is point 2, and Military Tactics is point 3.

      If you would put a ===Orc Buildings=== somewhere between </nowiki>==Military Structure==</nowiki> and ==Military Tactics==, then we would have:
      2. Military Structure
      2.1 Orc Buildings
      3. Military Tactics

      I created such Headers on the Beasts page. You can now link to Beasts#Lindwurm.

      (You can also force a "Contents" box to appear, even if there are less than 3 headers, if you write __TOC__ somewhere on the page or you can force it to never appear on a page if you write __NOTOC__.)

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    • Thank you very much!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello!

    Can you, please, delete "Blunt Weapon " section from "Melee" page as it is no longer needed?

    That's why: In earlier versions there was a separation between blunt weapons and maces, but now they are all "Maces". So I copied all of them in "Maces".

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    • Hi!

      Thanks for letting me know, I removed the Blunt Weapons from the Melee Weapons page.

      The page Blunt Weapons itself was not deleted, but redirected. (I didn't want to risk breaking old links.)

      So if anyone ever clicks on an old link of Blunt Weapons somewhere on the internet, he will automatically be redirected to the Maces page.

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    • Thank you! Perfect.

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  • Took a screenshot of the "besieged" settlement status, since it wasn't on the wiki. Unable to upload it though. Can I send it to you?

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    • Did you take the screenshot via steam? If you can't upload the screenshot on the wiki, but you can publish/upload it on steam, then please do that.
      (Click on the game in the steam library, scroll down until you see your screenshots. Click "Show Screenshot Collection". Now choose the screenshot and click upload/publish. Choose "Public" as option for who is allowed to see it.
      Afterwards click "Show online" on the next page click "Share" and copy and post the link please.)

      If that also doesn't work, then report back and we will find another way.

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    • Was able to upload it to the image bank of the wikia, but not directly while editing! It worked in the end. You can see it in the Settlement status page!

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    • Perfect, thank you!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Working on the conctracts page. What do you think of the changes?

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    • Looks great, thank you!

      Can you explain what exactly you mean to say with the images in the "Availability" column?
      Does a peasant mean, that it's available in villages and the soldier that it's available in noble house settlements? If so, what does the Orc image mean then?

      I think I don't completely understand this, but I like the idea. :D

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    • I might change those! For now:

      Paesant means that these quests are available in villages.

      Guy with noble hat means this quest is given by the noble houses.

      Orc means it's available during greenskin invasion, skeleton during undead scourge, and knight during noble house wars.

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    • Ah, now I understand.

      Feel free to continue as you like. :)

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi. I've noticed that there is no "Goblin Poison" and "Strange Mushrooms
    " in 'accessories' category. Couldn't add it there. So here is everything about it.
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    • Thank you for this detailed explanation. Glad to have learned something before going to bed :)

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    • Once again thank you two for the info and for creating new useful pages.

      I also agree that adding net and flask to ranged weapons is a good idea as they are both throwing weapons.

      UPD. Created net (after Zensalins explanation) and also added it and flask to throwing weapon category.

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  • Hi. I just created a new page for those who (like me) whant to write a thank message to the dev team.

    I don't know if that is the place but i figured i's take initiatives anyways

    If it is ok would you add a link on the main page ?




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    • Greets!

      Ah, a nice gesture. I like the idea. :)

      About the execution of your idea, I can think of two ways:

      1) The way you do it. Everyone who does want to can add an entry to the page and separates his comment from the previous comment.
      Your/This way has the great advantage that everyone (regardless if registered on wikia or not) can write something.
      Problem is that the page would maybe get really long and when adding something new someone has to scroll down and maybe accidentally edits/deletes the comment of someone else. (That's not really a problem though, even with my little experience I can recover such an error quite easily.)
      (Of course, there are also ways to code/program something that allows to add a comment without actually editing the page on your own, but I lack the skills to create something like that...)

      2) Everyone creates a blog post with what he wants to say and gives it the category "Love Letter" or something like that. I then create a page that automatically collects all these blog posts and lists them one after another.
      Positive: Everyone only has to care about his own comment and it will be sorted automatically.
      Problem: Only registered users can write blog posts.

      What do you think is the better way?
      Anyway, I will add a link on the mainpage.

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    • Seems like the first solution would allow a more spontaneous collection of letters. If you don't mind the occasionnal repairs it might require.

      Thx for making this wiki what it is. It is a great help to enjoy BB in a more complete fashion

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  • Hey Zensalin !

    I managed to beat the Black Monolih without retreating or losing a single guy on the 259th day.

    After three succesful companies (with over 300 days each) I believe I can write a company guide for those still struggling updated to reflect April's perks and whatnot.

    Can I write one or does the wiki have enough of that content already?



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    • Hey there Zen! And thanks a lot for the compliment. ^^

      Hopefully, 20 years from now they'll get to that conclusion. For now all they care is having parties and getting wasted lmao.

      Anyway... I was browsing the wiki and stumbled across this page here:

      I highly, strongly, with all my brain cells disagree with what they say about archers over there. I don't want, however, to trample on other ppl work and/or ideas. How can I edit/create/show other people that there is an alternative, if not a outright better way to build their archers?

      Thanks is advance, man.


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    • Hi,

      well, there are some ways.  As the one who added these builds is not a registered user, the chances of him coming back and reading a comment where you explain why he is wrong are quite low, I think.

      But still, the best thing to do would be that, I think: Create your own archer entry and explain in the comments why this and that from the other build is wrong. Even if the original creator will not read this comment, other visitors will do.

      Variety is the key and the more builds there are, the more possibilities the people have to choose from, after thinking what they themselves think to be right. And maybe you convince them to not build their archers like that with the explanation you give in the comments.

      Anyway, do whatever you think is best.

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