Military Cleaver

Description Edit

A large, sharpened metal blade designed to deal devastating blows.

Where it can be found Edit

  • Can be bought from a Weaponsmith.
  • Can be dropped by Mercenaries.
  • Can be dropped by Bandit Leaders.
  • Can be dropped by Fallen Heroes.

Notes Edit

  • The Military Cleaver has a "Decapitate" ability.
    "This ability costs 4 AP and builds up 25 fatigue."

    It's notable due to it's damage: "Inflicts 50 - 150 or (if armed with a shield) 40 - 120 damage depending on how injured the target is,
    of which 0 - 18 or (if armed with a shield) 0 - 15 can ignore armor.
    Inflicts 45- 67 or (if armed with a shield) 36-54 armor damage.
    Has -10% chance to hit.

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