A triangular wooden shield covered with leather and canvas, old but very well balanced.

Where can it be found?Edit


Names are made randomly from two modules:

  1. Grim, Forefathers, Time Honored, ...
  2. Shield, Bulwark, Safeguard, ...

Example: Grim Safeguard


  • Explanation of the Infobox values (example): 45[<-lowest seen minimum dmg. stat] (55)[<-highest seen minimum dmg. stat] - 50[<-lowest seen maximum dmg. stat] (60)[<-highest seen maximum dmg. stat]. Works the same way for the other stats in the infobox.
  • These can be difficult to obtain from an enemy due to them using shield block. If you damage the shield enough to destroy it then the item will no longer be available for you to loot. To loot these shields the enemy must die with the shield intact.