Some popular mods include:

  • 18 Brothers in fights <--currently doesn't work (Patch update v1.0 Apr 15, 2018. Vinilly is currently updating as of December 27th, 2018. Update started on December 2nd, 2018, and has been testing bugs since December 11th, 2018, still no ETA)
  • Perk points for veteran levels (Gives perk points every 5 levels beyond level 11, totaling an extra 6 perks)
  • Talent+ mod (Gives you plus +1 - +2 on all of your skills)
  • Battle Preparation (Allows you to change equipment or add equipment to you brothers before any battle)
  • No Pentagrams (Prevents Hexes from placing pentagrams on your brothers so you can kill them without having to wait)
  • Combat Stats of Enemies (Allows you to see HP, Armour -Head and Body-, AP, and Fatigue of enemies)

The 18 Brothers mod DOES NOT currently work with Beasts and Exploration. (Patch update v1.0 Apr 15, 2018)

All other mods work just fine with the new DLC.