Here you can see a list of the buildings which can appear in a settlement.


The Market square. Buy all sorts of things including tools, medicine, food, weapons and armor. Weapons and armor below full durability are sold here as well (at reduced prices, proportional to remaining durability).
Building 06


The Tavern. Buy drinks to your soldiers to boost their morale. But beware getting them drunk. A hangover can kill them in battle. Also, you can sometimes get some interesting info here.
Building 02


Cuts hair and beard. Here you can change the appearance of your brothers.
Building 12


Dogs in all variety. Want to adopt a nice puppy? Not here. Only bloodthirsty and savage battle dogs that chew goblins for breakfast.
Building 10


Producing all sorts of ranged weapons. From bows to Crossbows, to Javelins and Bundle of Throwing Axes. Also offers a variety of ammunition. Price modifiers for items here are about 25% higher than the corresponding settlement Market.
Building 11


Offers weapons of high quality at full durability. Sometimes unique ones, which will then have a special name. Not cheap. Price modifiers for items here are about 25% higher than the corresponding settlement Market.Can repair items.
Building 04


Offer high quality armor and a variety of shield types at full durability. Not cheap. Typical prices here are about 25% higher than a similar item in the Market. Can repair items.
Building 01


Priests apply fresh bandages and pray for your wounded brothers to speed up their healing time, for a price, of course. (Healing time reduced to 1 day after paying.)
Building 03

Veteran hallEdit

Here you can train your mercenaries in exchange for money. Usually costs around 400g per training. It gives your mercenaries a boost in experience gain or skill other skill boosts in melee skill or defense.
Building 07


These men decided to work as mercenaries. Is it because they lost their home, family or something else. You can offer them the opportunity to travel to far away places, to meet new people and other "things".
Crowd 03


Docks. From here you can fast travel to the ports of other settlements. Not for free of course.
Building 09

Mysterious Merchant (?)Edit

(It seems to be a crowd element and may not even used so far. If you have more information on this, feel free to add it.)
Selling bunch of strange potions and suppose to be magical items. He is your greatest ally. Only accept old gold coins.

Crowd 05

(Sarissofoi you jokester!)