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Thrust Spearwall
+20% chance to hit
AP Fatigue AP Fatigue
4 10 4 30

Spearwall can only be activated if there is no enemy next to the wielder. Each enemy that moves next to the wielder gets attacked automatically.

If this hits the enemy gets knocked back and takes half damage. Once an automatic attack fails the skill becomes inactive (with Spear Mastery Perk the skill stays active). If the engaged unit dies or otherwise loses its zone of control on the spearwall user, it will resume auto attacking until another failure or the skill user's next turn.

Name Worth Damage Ignores Armor Vs. Armor Durability Max. Fatigue
Militia Spear
Spear 02
180 25-30 25% 90% 48 -6
Boar Spear
Spear 01
750 30-35 25% 95% 64 -8
Fighting Spear
Fighting Spear 01
2500 35-40 25% 100% 72 -10
Goblin Skewer
Goblin weapon 03
140 25-35 20% 70% 38 -3
Ancient Spear
(Ancient Dead)
Ancient spear 01
140 20-35 25% 100% 36 -6
Melee Weapons
Daggers  • Swords  • Blunt Weapons  • Maces  • Spears  • Axes  • Flails  • Cleavers  • Hammers  • Polearms

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