Character Traits Edit


Trait concept drawings.

New recruits to your mercenary company may have 0 to 2 randomly selected traits that affect their stats in positive and/or negative ways. Some backgrounds will disallow certain traits, as will some traits disallow others.
For example, a character can not be both physically strong and weak, or eagle-eyed and short-sighted.[1] The following info is accurate as of Build 1.0.5.

Also, traits can allow certain events to trigger or certain new options for other events. Occasionally, new traits (such as "Old") can be suffered through events or certain event choices.

For a list of events associated with one or more specific Trait(s), look here.

Trait Stats Hints
Trait icon 59
Poison effects last 1 additional turn.
Trait icon 22
-3 Fatigue Recovery per turn. Note: Base Fatigue Recovery is 15/turn, this trait reduces it to 12/turn.
Trait icon 21
Builds up 2 less fatigue for each tile travelled (previously -1 Fatigue per tile in older builds)[2] Synergizes well with the Pathfinder perk.
Trait icon 16
Will receive bleeding damage for 1 additional turn.
Trait icon 42
All kills are fatalities if weapon allows. Explanation: Causes a gruesome death like a decapitation. Has no additional effect on Morale[3]. Note: The decapitation prevents Wiedergangers to raise from dead if they haven't already risen once, but does NOT prevent Fallen Heroes from raising from dead. Necromancers CAN raise headless Wiedergangers (and Fallen Heroes of course) from the dead.

Crushing and slashing damage can cause fatalities, piercing can't.

Only head hit can cause fatalities.


- May cause trouble in town?

Trait icon 37
+5 Resolve
Trait icon 11
+10% Experience Gain May share a positive event with Dumb characters resulting in a positive mood boost.
Trait icon 01
+15% Damage to a hit on the head (Melee Only), -5 Melee Skill This trait can work very well with certain weapons (e.g. Flails, Axes, Pikes) and synergizes well with the Juggler and Killer on the Run backgrounds (due to their bonus chance to hit the head). Can sometimes trigger negative events in towns.
Trait icon 23
+2 Fatigue for each tile traveled (previously +1 Fatigue per tile in older builds)[2]
Trait icon 36
-5 Melee skill May injure himself during a related event.

May lose items much like Drunkard.

Trait icon 24
+5 Resolve, -5 Melee Defense, -5 Ranged Defense Can lose a breath holding contest against a character with Iron Lungs.
Trait icon 12
-10 Resolve Doesn't mind being in reserve.
Trait icon 38
Starts combat at wavering morale Can be removed by a world map event involving your original battle brothers with the trait Background: Companion.

Doesn't mind being in reserve.

Trait icon 13
No morale check triggered upon losing hitpoints.
Trait icon 31
Starts combat at confident morale Only if mood permits it.  Also, an event is associated with the Determined trait.
Trait icon 34
+5 Melee Skill Can help certain event/s turn out in a positive way.
Trait icon 35
Fast to leave if you run out of provisions or money. Doesn't mind being in reserve.
Double Grip
Passive 07
+25% Damage Special: This trait only applies if you have a one-handed weapon equipped with your second hand free i.e. no shield or net. Does not apply for Puncture skill, but it does apply for regular dagger attack.
Trait icon 17
-15% Experience Gain May share a positive event with Bright characters resulting in a positive mood boost.

Can possibly be removed through an event with Historian or Monk background. Not guaranteed though, and there may be a chance for negative consequences in such events.

Trait icon 29
+10% damage, +5 Resolve, -5 Melee skill, - 10 Ranged skill Has world map event with choice to flog afflicted battle brother with chance to remove trait. The trait has a chance to be added to battle brothers during tavern event "Buying a Round for your Men".

Note: Brothers without Drunkard can gain it if you lose a lot of men.

Eagle Eyes
Trait icon 09
+1 Vision Note: This trait does NOT allow one to shoot further with a ranged weapon than normal. However, it is useful as it negates 1 point of vision penalty from Nighttime or helmets (e.g. an archer could wear a helmet with a -1 penalty to vision for greater head protection without suffering any loss of range vs an archer without this trait using a helmet with no vision penalties).
Trait icon 10
According to the latest version, this is:

+ 10 HP, -10 Max Fatigue

It used to be +10 HP, -15 Max Fatigue but it got reduced to +10 HP, -10 Max Fatigue.

Can be removed by an event choice (as with removing any trait that is removable, all associated penalties and bonuses are removed).
Trait icon 40
-5 Resolve
Fear of Beasts
Trait icon 48
-10 Resolve when in battle with beasts. Can be removed by having the character getting a certain amount of killing blows on beast enemies.

Fear of Greenskins
Trait icon 49

-10 Resolve when in battle with greenskins. Can be removed by having the character getting a certain amount of killing blows on greenskin enemies.

Fear of Undead
Trait icon 47

-10 Resolve when in battle with undead. Can be removed by having the character getting a certain amount of killing blows on undead enemies.
Trait icon 30
+10 Resolve
Trait icon 04
-10 Hitpoints
Trait icon 07
Uses more food (3, instead of 2 per day) and is fast to leave if you run out of food Can become fat.
Trait icon 06
Will ask for more daily pay than similar characters, and quicker to leave if you run out of crowns. Can currently be added by an event choice.

May leave the party after attempting to get a raise due to a competing company offering better pay.

Hate for Beasts
Trait icon 51
+10 Resolve when in battle with beasts.
Hate for Greenskins
Trait icon 52
+10 Resolve when in battle with greenskins.
Hate for Undead
Trait icon 50
+10 Resolve when in battle with undead.
Trait icon 25
-10 Initiative
Trait icon 61
+10% Melee Damage, -5 Melee Defense, -5 Ranged Defense
Trait icon 46
Always acts first in the very first round of combat. Currently only applies in the first round (used to apply every round).
Trait icon 03
Will never be of confident morale.
Iron Lungs
Trait icon 33
Recovers an extra 4 fatigue every turn. Considered by nearly all players to be the best trait in the game. Can win a breath holding contest against a cocky character.
Iron Jaw
Trait icon 44
The threshold to sustain injuries on getting hit is increased by 25%. Can synergize with the Colossus perk
Trait icon 28
Has +10 or -10 Resolve randomly at every morale check.
Night Blind
Trait icon 56
-1 Vision during Nighttime
Night Owl
Trait icon 57
+1 Vision during Nighttime
Trait icon 39
This character is much less likely to leave you if you run out of food or crowns.
Status effect 60
+10 Resolve, -10 Hitpoints, -10 Max Fatigue, -10 Initiative, -1 Vision, is always content with being in Reserve Acquired trait from an in-game event. Affects Swordmasters.
Trait icon 19
+5 Resolve at positive morale checks.  Now also makes negative mood go away quicker.
Trait icon 55
+5 Melee Defense, +5 Ranged Defense,

-30 Initiative

Can cause negative mood events.
Trait icon 20
-5 Resolve at negative morale checks.  Now also makes positive mood go away quicker. Can cause negative mood events.
Trait icon 18
+10 Initiative
Short Sighted
Trait icon 27
-1 Vision Can result in an out-of-combat event that causes an injury to a friendly team member.
Trait icon 08
Uses less food and is less likely to leave if you run out of food. Can sometimes be removed as a result of an event choice.

May faint and get injured.

Trait icon 15
+10 Max. Fatigue
Trait icon 26
-10 Resolve at morale checks against fear, panic or mind-control effects. Can become afraid in an event and get a 50% penalty to Resolve for a while.
Sure Footing
Trait icon 05
+5 Melee Defense Can help certain events turn out in a positive way.
Trait icon 43
Now has a 90% chance to survive if reduced to 0 HP and not killed by a fatality. See "Permanent Injuries"
Trait icon 53
+5 Ranged Defense
Team Player
Trait icon 58
Has a 50% lower chance to inflict friendly fire. Might give 6 random brothers +1 maximum resolve and a mood boost.

Is calculated after regular hit chance, if a brother with 100 melee attack attacks an ally with 50 defense, teamplayer then reduces it to 25, making it 25%. It is however to be noted that surround bonus for friendly fire melee attacks counts against you.

Trait icon 02
+5 Melee Defense, +5 Ranged Defense, -15% Melee Damage
Trait icon 14
+10 Hitpoints
Trait icon 60
+25 Melee Defense while retreating.

Character Titles Edit

Occasionally you may come across a character that has a title to his name (ie Reynhart the Mad). There is currently no way of telling a character's stats or traits before hiring him, however if a character has a title (which is usually a nod to his profession), in some cases that title may be based on his traits. Example posted by devs: An especially large and sturdy character being known as “the Mountain”, which should give you a hint.[4]
The following is a largely incomplete list of observed titles and possibly linked traits based purely on in-game hires:

Title Trait
the Anxious Impatient
the Barbarian Clumsy
the Berserker Brute (possibly also Tough)
the Bear Strong, Huge or Tough
the Betrayer Insecure
the Black Iron Lungs
the Blade Bloodthirsty/Bright (?)
the Blessed Survivor
the Braggart Cocky
the Brave Brave/Cocky
the Bull Strong or Brute
the Butcher Bloodthirsty
the Chicken Dastard/Fainthearted
the Coward Dastard
the Craven Craven
the Crazy Paranoid
the Cruel Bloodthirsty
the Drunk Drunkard
the Eager Impatient
Earthside Sure Footing
the Eel Weasel
the Exorciser Iron Jaw (possibly also Gluttonous)
the Fearless Fearless
the Fine Loyal
the Follower Loyal
The Fox Bright
the Giant Iron Lungs/Huge (possibly also Drunkard)
the Halfman Tiny
Hamfisted Brute
the Hammer Brute
the Hero Brave
the Idiot Dumb
the Liar Disloyal
the Lucky Survivor
the Loyal Loyal
the Mad Bloodthirsty / Irrational / Deathwish
the Meek Fainthearted
the Miller Fainthearted (possibly also Dumb)
the Mountain Fat
Night Owl Night Owl
the Odd Deathwish
the Oldguard Fearless/ Ironjaw (?)
Orcbane Hate for Greenskins
the Ox Strong/Tough/Brute
the Paranoid Paranoid
the Particular Determined
the Pig Fat
the Pure Dumb
the Quick Quick
Quickfingers Dexterous
Quickmind Bright
the Rat Drunkard
the Raven Insecure
the Restless Impatient
the Rock Tough or Hesitant or Iron Jaw
the Runner Dexterous / Greedy
the Savage Strong/Irrational/Fearless
the Sergeant Fearless
the Short Tiny
the Sickly Ailing
Silver-Tongue Disloyal
the Slow Hesitant/Dumb
the Snake Greedy
the Swine Gluttonous, Disloyal (?)
the Survivor Survivor
Turncloak Craven
the Veteran Brave
the Wildcard Brave
the Wise Bright
the Wolf Gluttonous