Made from very strong yet flexible wood, this warbow has massive pulling power and is a rare piece of skilled craftsmanship.

Where can it be found?Edit

  • Settlement fletcher , Necrosavants Lair


Deadly Avenger, Sir Wilhelm's Warsong, Unsung heroe's Dart, Well-Crafted Startrail, Jost the Knife's Startrail, Bitter Dart,

Named after former owner and then Startrail


  • Example explanation of the Infobox values:
    45[<-lowest seen minimum dmg. stat]
    (55)[<-highest seen minimum dmg. stat]
    60[<-lowest seen maximum dmg. stat]
    (95)[<-highest seen maximum dmg. stat].
    (Works the same way for the other stats in the infobox.)
Unique Ranged Weapons
Unique bow 1 icon
Unique crossbow 1 icon
Unique javelins 1 icon
Unique throwing axes 1 icon
Throwing Axes

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